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30% Of Energy Used In A Commercial Building Is Wasted Because Of Inefficiences

This statistic as published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is staggering. The energy wasted is due to inefficiencies primarily in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEP). If your business is in manufacturing the energy wasted can be significantly more due to the waste heat generated which is often exhausted to the atmosphere. Facilities that operate 24/7/365 such as resort hotels, hospitals, municipalities, institutions, etc., can have a tremendous energy spend as well.

That is why a 15-Step, staged Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Process is recommended to maximize results. Similar to the approach as recommended by the EPA’s Energy Star Program which accounts for the interactions of all the energy flows in a facility. Each stage includes changes that will affect the upgrades performed in subsequent stages, thus setting the overall process up for the greatest energy and cost savings possible. Perfect examples are how the lighting affects the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration (HVAC&R) load and how natural light affects the lighting and HVAC&R systems. How improper ventilation affects work productivity, heating, cooling and motor efficiency.

How Air Infiltration affects the HVAC systems.

The 15-step Program is tailored for the client that has an energy intensive facility and is seeking cost-effective solutions as to how to reduce their energy spend and wants to take action. A client can expect 10-40% in energy reduction after the strategies are implemented. Keep in mind this is year after year savings.

How do you as a business owner or a non-profit address the issue without breaking the bank. There are many cost-effective energy waste reduction strategies that can be implemented. In some cases, there are no-cost energy conservation measures (ECM) and low-cost energy efficiency measures (EEM) that can be implemented immediately that will reduce your energy use. In other cases, there are modifications, upgrades, operational and optimization strategies that will improve the efficiency of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEP) and the building envelope.

Every commercial building can use a re-commissioning process to unlock the energy saving potential. Commissioning is essentially a tune up of the major energy consuming systems. E.G. HVAC system, refrigeration, electrical, water heating and other mechanical equipment. However, energy intensive industries will benefit most. Whereas, the mechanical systems rarely shut down because of clientele, production or necessity.

As a business or entity, if you identify as a high energy user, one can benefit from comprehensive energy reduction. Find a professional that is qualified and passionate about energy waste reduction and committed to achieve the best results for their clients.

Source by Dave Borgaro


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