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Adventure and Excitement in Hawaii

The Pacific Ocean tropics beckon visitors towards Hawaii from around the world. Tourists eagerly anticipate the surfing and swimming easily available in a tour across the ocean. A luau is a tradition that is not to be missed when traveling to the stunning Hawaiian Islands. At home it is a challenge to find all the spit roast parts so that an ordinary hunk of meat can be prepared for an outdoor meal. The traditional luau pit where the pork is cooked with banana leaves, river rocks and water for steam involves a search for other supplies. The benefit is that someone else has to do it.

Encountering an active volcano like Kilauea allows visitors to note the flowing lava and its destruction. They also learn how the area is changed and built up in other localities. If you have friends or relatives that live in Hawaii, that is another reason to make the journey. Sometimes you can find a bargain vacation package that provides accommodation, a rental car, airfare and activities such as a luau. No matter why you choose to travel to Hawaii, it is a beautiful place to visit. A blend of history and modern technology, transportation to the Islands is found from just about any spot in the world.

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by water, so driving from one to another is impossible. Some carriers fly directly to Oahu, where passengers disembark and catch connecting flights to their destinations. Making reservations up to a year in advance is common. It is advised if a person wants to travel over the holidays, during peak season or for a sports event like the Aloha Bowl. Become as one with your camera, because there are always scenic moments to record. Whether surfing in Oahu or climbing a volcano in Maui, photograph the memory.

After a long day of sightseeing and swimming in the clear ocean waters, stop by the Farmers Market in Maui for some fresh fruit. That will keep you from getting too hungry as you anticipate the luau scheduled for the late afternoon. Luaus are found in such Maui areas as Wailea and Lahaina, bringing the beauty of the sunset over the ocean to the party on the beach. The hosts do not worry about whether a spit roast motor will fail because of the weight of the pig. Instead, they worry about how many people it will take to lift the meat from the pit after it is cooked to perfection.

Tourists enjoy splitting their journey between Oahu and one of the other islands. The Big Island of Hawaii demonstrates the wild beauty of this state. Kona features plantations where flavorful coffee beans are grown. The adventures are so inviting that visitors typically start planning a return trip before the first one is over.

Definitely take time while in Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor and the scene of sunken ships. The attack on December 7, 1941, finalized the step of a world at war. Afterwards, ease your mind by traveling to Hanauma Bay and participating in a snorkeling expedition. Enjoy the display of color and beauty of tropical fish and sea plants. Finish the day with yet another luau as a special way to conclude your adventures in the 50th State.

Source by Nora Seabolt


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