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Alex and Ani Jewelry – Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

Alex and Ani is a jewelry brand that has taken the world by storm. They have branded themselves as an eco-friendly fashion company, producing bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and a range of other accouterments for those who want to look good without hurting the environment in the process. But is there really any substance behind this sudden popularity? Are these designs just the new hip thing, soon to be forgotten?

All the signs indicate that this brand won’t be disappearing any time soon. This is largely due to the brand’s unique philosophy of charity, social consciousness and environmentally friendly business.

The Brand’s Growing Popularity

What’s the reason for the sudden growth in popularity of this jewelry – and why is it likely to continue? It may have something to do with the unique approach designer Carolyn Rafaelian has brought to the industry. Rather than trying to design jewelry that beautifies through its own merit, she aims to create pieces that allow women (and men) to bring out their own natural beauty.

The popularity is not just in the appearance of the jewelry, but also in the practical aspects of the designs. Alex and Ani jewelry implements a new technology called the “Expandable Concept” which makes bracelets and necklaces more easily adjustable, allowing you to customize your accessories even further.

Collector’s Items

The fact that A&A pieces are beginning to turn into collector’s items is a testament to the fact that they’re likely to be around for a long time. Alex and Ani’s Heirloom Collection is a series of limited edition productions for the avid jewelry lover who really wants to stand out and own an exclusive piece of wearable art.

The Perfect Gift

Of course, A&A jewelry is not just worth buying for yourself – these pieces are so exquisite, it would be silly not to make the most of them by giving a few as gifts for birthdays, Christmas or special occasions like engagements. Because each piece of jewelry is so unique, you’ll often come across a bangle or necklace while browsing that may not suit you personally, but would be perfect for someone you know.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Business

A&A is leading by example with an environmentally friendly business model. And it’s not limited to the battle against climate change and pollution. A&A are currently promoting discounted bangles, the profits from which go entirely towards the relief effort for the Haiti earthquake disaster. This is part of the “Charity by Design” range, where a bangle is designed with a specific charity in mind and the proceeds go to that particular organization. A&A are proving that a business with a conscience can not only compete in the jewelry market, but also thrive, as more people become conscious of global issues and start turning away from multinational companies who “just don’t care.”

Alex and Ani’s commitment to a cleaner environment ties in perfectly with the philosophy of design behind the brand. Carolyn Rafaelian has built her range around the idea that nature and simplicity is at the core of all real beauty. So, of course, it wouldn’t make sense to produce products designed to beautify people if that production leaves the world less beautiful.

Alex and Ani is not only an environmentally friendly brand through the use of recycled materials – the designs are also meant to evoke concepts of unity and social awareness. The peace symbol, for instance, features on one bracelet. The Charity by Design bracelet for the African Rainforest Conservatory features a pendant with a symbol of the Tree of Life. It’s through symbolism and charity like this that the brand encourages its consumers to become more conscious and proactive citizens of the world.

Source by Jill Crimmins


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Alex and Ani Jewelry – Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

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