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Benefits of Polymer Composite Insulators Over Traditional Glass Insulators

The insulation of transmission equipments are made of polymers these days. In the past, glass or ceramics were generally used for insulations. Earlier, the polymeric insulators were used only in specific urban areas, in order to protect them from high pollution levels and sabotage risks. Nowadays, these insulators are being used for almost all power levels, and they are also called as composite insulators.

In the following post, we will be discussing about different benefits of these polymeric insulators.


  • Lightweight – Unlike traditional glass ones, polymer insulators are very light in weight and compact. This makes it easy to fit them into smaller cranes. It also gives improved clearance space between the ground and conductor. Being lightweight, they are easy to install and maintain.
  • Hydrophobic – These devices are highly water-resistant in nature. Their hydrophobic properties prevent the accumulation of water on the surface of insulator, which in turn prevents flashovers and surface currents.
  • Higher Mechanical Strength – Polymer insulators possess great mechanical strength, due to which the transmission towers can be easily sited, located at farther distances. Usually, as the traditional insulators have low mechanical strength, it limits the transmission capacity of tower and the power productivity as well. Today, with such devices, it is easier to cover larger areas without the productivity being impacted.
  • Pollution-resistant – One of the biggest advantages of polymer insulators is that they are pollution resistant in nature. They keep the dirt, dust and water away, thereby assuring no internal or external damages or malfunction.

Due to this, the cost involved in maintaining and cleaning these devices is significantly low. They are suitable in areas with higher pollution levels, and where their regular maintenance is not feasible.

Polymer Insulators are Reliable

Whether it’s a ceramic or composite insulator, reliability of the device is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying it. The durability depends on its mechanical and electrical properties. Today, with the help of modern manufacturing techniques and hi-tech fixture, composite insulator manufacturers can greatly improve the mechanical strength of composite insulators. Advanced composite devices were introduced in the market a couple of decades ago, and the version, which is currently being used, was launched almost 13 years ago.

These devices have a fiber-rod-like structure, which is sealed with the specific weather resistant materials, usually rubbers and fillers. The end fittings are then attached to the whole assembly. One of the most important things to be considered with these insulators is the gap or clearance or interface between air and solid insulting body.

Most of the times, the main problem appears at the interface, as this is spot where the solid insulator and air tend to hold up. Furthermore, the negative effects of pollution, water accumulation and dirt, etc lead to leakage in the current supply, and worsen the overall performance of the installation.

Thus, in order to improve performance and efficiency, composite polymer insulators are covered with heavy duty materials on the inside of the polyester core rod.

Source by Alok Jaiswal


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