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Investing in a Commercial Lint Removal System

Commercial laundry systems can be the cause of disasters in industrial, commercial, and industrial facilities when they are not maintained or cleaned regularly. Improper maintenance of the lint filter and the dryer system can lead to fires that can cause a number of injuries and extensive property damage. For this reason, it is important that facilities invest in a lint removal system. An effective commercial dryer lint collector can help to remove almost 100% lint discharges from a commercial dryer.

Why Invest in a Commercial Lint Removal System

Commercial lint removal systems are designed to meet the specific needs of industries worldwide.

  • Simple Design: Lint removers usually consist of a cyclone design with either a dry or a wet lint collector depending on the application. A mesh screen is used for dry lint collectors while water is used to permeate and collect the lint in a mesh bag. The mesh screen and bag allow for easy removal of the lint. These simple designs are easy to operate and are extremely cost-effective.
  • Protection from Fire: Comprehensive lint collection will lead to less lint accumulation in the dryer vent or duct. As lint is a combustible particulate, if it gets heated to a certain temperature, it can cause huge fires and immense damage to people and the machinery.
  • Continuous Use: Using an efficient lint removal system can help reduce immense downtime in an industrial facility. Laundry operations usually take place for long continuous hours. An efficient lint removal system can reduce the chances of fire and thus, the subsequent downtime. It also allows the laundry operations to continue working at full capability.
  • Low Maintenance: Lint removal system manufacturers understand that time is of the essence when finishing large orders. Manual cleaning processes will only slow down the work process. For this reason, many manufacturers design lint removal systems with automated features like automatic filter monitoring and cleaning. This helps to keep the work going at a continuous pace, as well as reduce the number of maintenance cycles.
  • Customization: For industries that have more abrasive applications, filters of commercial dryer lint collectors can be designed using stainless steel to capture large sized particulates and heavy solvents. Some manufacturers even create systems with two stage filters to ensure that all the lint in the laundry room is accumulated for removal.
  • Adherence to Law: All commercial dryer lint collectors have to be designed according to the laws laid down by the US EPA and the local air quality organizations where the facility is located. If the regulations are not followed by the concerned facility, and an accident takes place, then the EPA will hold the facility owner responsible for the accident. Installing a commercial dryer lint collector will help the facility to adhere to the legal guidelines and prevent crisis from taking place.

Investing in a commercial lint removal system can not only help a facility to save on downtime and labor expenses, it can also help save lives and enhance productivity.

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Investing in a Commercial Lint Removal System

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