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Patmos, The City of the Revelation of John

Rich in history, sanctified by religion, revered by mythologies-Patmos is one of those isles in Asia Minor that has assumed greater than life history due to the acts of apostles ans the book of revelations in the christian bible. Other places are the cluster of seven isles that john wrote to through the dictates of the son of man, He who is imprisoned on the throne. They are the Isles of Pergamos, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Laodicia, Thiatira, Smirna and Sadis. Then there was Melita, erroneously called malta in acts of the apostles (it was corrected in the some of the epistles of Paul), where fallipo erroneously called Felix, rule. But Patmos has a far more significance than these, since the origins of the revelation of john revolves around it.

The earliest record of settlement in Patmos was during the Bronze age, about 2000 B. C, during the Abrahamic era. It was believed that a volcanic activity brought up the twenty-five mile circumference Island from under the Aegean sea. It lies at the western border of turkey- the location of the legendary Troy, the zone where heroes clashed during the reign of King Priam, resulting in the destruction of the city.

Mythology had it that it was originally called Leteios, in honor of Leto, whose daughter Artemis was instrumental to bringing it up. The Story goes that the Island was at the bottom of the sea, beautiful and Imperial. Artemis was on a visit to the goddess Carria At her shrine in Latmos. She met Selene, the moon goddess, who cast her light on the ocean to reveal Patmos to her. She now begged Artemis, who, with Apollo, convinced Zeus, who now has approval for the Island to rise the bottom of the sea.

Within the Island is a cave known by early Christians as the place where John received the book of Revelations. An Apocryphal book called the acts of John, discussed his life, although scholars tend to believe that the compilations, were based on the legend surrounding the life of the earthly author of the book of revelations, who dictated it to his scribe Prochoros.

Later, Emperor Alexios Kominos ordered the monk christodoulus Letrinoes to found a monastery near the cave. But a basilica that dated about 300 ad was known to be at the monastery site. The Monastery is still being administrated by the Greek orthodox church. As expected, the cave has become a pilgrimage center. A plaque, which was written in Greek welcomes visitors with the words "I, John … was on the Island that is called Patmos …" In 1999, UNESCO declared the place a world heritage site.

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Patmos, The City of the Revelation of John

Rich in history, sanctified by religion, revered by mythologies-Patmos is one of those isles in Asia Minor that has assumed greater than...

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