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Purchasing That Perfect Ruby Rings the Smart Way

The deep feisty red color and the glowing brilliance of the ruby is all that is required to make you fall uncontrollably in love with it. Obviously you are ready to go shopping and get a ruby ring for yourself. The endless number of options in the market regarding design, quality and cost can leave even the most shopaholic completely flustered and confused. So here are some ways to get started:

1. Find a good merchant

As you set out shopping, the very first thing that needs to be done is to find a good merchant to supply you with the ruby rings. Make sure your chosen merchant is well established and has a large collection. This way you can be sure that you will be provided with authentic rubies. It will also ensure that you have a wide selection of designs and ruby rings patterns.

2. Get the desired design

Have a close look at all the ruby rings on display. You must already have an idea of the type of ring you want but keep an open mind as you might just find some completely different design that appeals to you. Take notice of the setting and coloring of the ruby. Try to select a piece that will compliment your sense of style. You need not opt for the regular solitaire. There are many classic patterns to choose from such as a claddagh style, a full eternity ruby ring, rings with filigree work and so on. It is always advisable to try out the ring. A design that looks gorgeous on the display shelf can seem too plain when slipped onto your finger.

3. Choose the right metal

You have to be careful about this part. The wrong type of metal can make those ruby ring look like a complete disaster. The metal can be anything from white gold to platinum. You could slip the ring onto your finger to check how it looks against your skin tone.

4. Examine the overall appearance

Be as critical as you possibly can when it comes to making sure that the ruby you choose is the finest. You have to be satisfied with the color and quality of the rubies. Check out the ruby ring under all types of light including natural light to make sure it isn’t lacking in its brilliance in any circumstance. Inclusions in rubies can affect its cost considerably.

5. An authentication must be requested

A certificate of authenticity must be asked for. Every jeweler should be able to provide this certificate. If your jewelry merchant refuses to provide you with the same then it is not advisable to purchase your ruby rings from them.

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Purchasing That Perfect Ruby Rings the Smart Way

The deep feisty red color and the glowing brilliance of the ruby is all that is required to make you fall uncontrollably in love...

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