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Wind power to produce electricity accounts for only 1% of worldwide electricity usage, but it accounts for 19% of the total electricity used in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, 6% in Germany. The United States lags far behind other countries in harvesting the power of the wind to produce residential energy.

Wind energy is considered by many experts to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly natural energy source. Wind generated energy producers no harmful greenhouse gas emissions like that of fossil fuel derived energy.

The modern wind power industry began in 1979 with the serial production of wind turbines by several Danish manufacturers. These early turbines were small by today's standards, with capacities of 20 to 30 kW each. Since then, they have increased greatly in size, while wind turbine production has expanded to many countries all over the world.

The state of Oklahoma is playing a significant role bringing wind produced electricity into more widespread use. During the course of the next 5 years utility companies in Oklahoma plan to dramatically increase the amount of power generated by wind farms. The University of Oklahoma plans to purchase 100% of its electricity from wind power by 2013 through an agreement with Oklahoma Gas & Electric. Plans for a 100 MW wind farm are being developed to help the university achieve it's goal.

More homeowners today are interested in alternative energy sources than ever before. As energy costs continue to skyrocket, more people are exploring their options when it comes to producing energy for home use. Wind powered generators and solar panel energy systems are becoming increasingly more popular for home use.

Gus Sansone, a homeowner in California, installed a wind turbine on his property back in August of 2001. Mr. Sansome reports "After investigating my options, I determined that installing a 10 kW small wind turbine was my best power supply choice. My Southern California Edison electricity bills used to average about a hundred bucks per month. But after installing my new renewable energy power plant in August of 2001, I have not had to pay an Edison bill for an entire year! "

Building a home made wind mill is far easier than most people believe. Using only simple power tools, anyone with average mechanical ability can build their own system. Producing home energy energy is now within the reach of all homeowners concerned with the unstable energy costs we all face in today's world.

Source by Guy Williams


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