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Squatting On Nature’s Territory

The gigantic tsunami prepares to wreak havoc on land,

No way to run to places, no way to make further plans,

Meandering through ripples beyond the boisterous bowels down below,

I could see the peristalsis of its wrath as it becomes a foe,

Surfing closer to the noisy but oblivious shoreline,

Cherishing the vengeful thought of leaving nothing behind,

The gigantic tsunami rushes in while time stand still,

Cranking its weapon of mass destruction with intention to maim and kill,

Devouring every possible thing that is viewed insight,

Leaving persons homeless,plants withered, a catastrophic plight,

Then belching anarchy after regurgitating its anger,

Exuding frustration and causing intimidation as it moves in closer,

The gigantic tsunami is finally here,

Disgusted with man’s behavior of disrupting nature without any fear,

A resort where irresponsible adults cast loved ones into the seas,

Oblivious of the dangers that befalls them despite numerous pleas,

A ground that once was a sea bed now morphed into a playground,

Drowning the sound of the ocean, replacing it with other sounds,

The gigantic tsunami has finally passed,

Debris scattered indiscriminately like crab grass,

Countless bodies exposed sacrificial like lambs to the slaughters,

Destroying the thought of rebuilding this recreational architecture,

Ground wet with irrefutable vengeance,

To reclaim that had been lost, a cherished remembrance,

The gigantic tsunami will soon return,

The raging flames still rises and memory still burns,

As the pungent excretion of its wrath permeates the air,

While every trees bow gracefully but yet with fear,

To lament the defeat, by the majestic powers of the determined dragon,

That came to repossess what was once its possession,

The gigantic tsunami is now at rest,

But little do we know where it all started to where it was its best,

The rage and power that erupted from just the nipple,

Came from the coral reef that once started a ripple,

Then grew and morphed into a grand splendor,

Being triggered in earth’s crust as a minor tremor,

Let us create or build from scratch and not to add to which was not,

Let us remove ourselves completely if it is not our spot,

Let us not reconstruct which is deemed derelict nor renovate,

Let us not be too ashamed to think how to relocate,

Nature has a way to show possession and will always be tempted,

A disaster resulting from this tsunami could have been prevented,

Source by Osric Griffiths


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