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Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador

Ready for a volcano ascent in Ecuador? The Sumaco Volcano in the Sumaco Capo-Galera National Park is waiting for you! Soaring at more than 3700 meters, the volcano is impressively surrounded by the thick Amazon rainforest and haunting ravines.

It is only 50 kilometers east of the Andean Mountain Range and is within the country's western Napo province. The Sumaco region's isolated location makes it a rarely visited site and results in its excellent preservation. The park that houses it covers about 200,00 hectares or 500,00 acres of land area and is representative of about 8% of the Ecuadorian Amazon area.

The hike to Sumaco promises to be an incredible jungle adventure. Before you even get to the peak, your eyes will be appreciated to the beauty of an untouched jungle landscape, packed with diverse flora and fauna like monkeys, giant anteaters and tapirs. Such a memorable trip can only be rightfully culinated by reaching Sumaco's summit.

Once you reach the top of the rim, you will get to see the extinct crater and marvel at the group of snowcapped mountains of Cotopaxi, Antisana and Cayambe in the distance. If you look towards the south and east, the extensive landscape of the Amazon basin unveils itself for admiration. Because of the difficult up and down trek, and forested and muddy terrain, the ascent to the summit usually takes about 4 days to complete. You will need to be physically fit as well mentally sound to make it to the end.

The only access area to the Sumaco Volcano is a community of approximately 300 people called Pacto Sumaco. Since its small size, the community has been successfully running sustainable ecotourism initiatives to preserve the cultural and natural value of the volcano and the park. This Sumaco region has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There are some simple lodging facilities within the village. Spending some time here guarantees you an invaluable cultural experience.

The route to this Ecuadorian volcano is challenging and presents some real risks. That is why it is mandatory that you hire a local guide to help you reach Sumaco safely and on time. Fortunately, there are many guides that guide in Pacto Sumaco and other villages along the Loreto Road, which crosses path with Tena-Quito Road. The estimated daily guide fee is 38 USD, and also covers the use of the Shelters. You will most likely do the hike with a group of people.

After exploring the volcano, consider trying out birdwatching! After all, you are in Sumaco Park, one of the places with the highest number of bird species to land area in the world. In fact, there are about 830 species that populate 66 square miles of land. So there are plenty of opportunities to see some of the fascinating birds within the park vicinity and some that you have never seen before.

Sumaco Volcano is only about 30 kilometers from the famous town of Tena. You can hire a vehicle to reach the volcano from this town. If you are coming from Quito, another alternative is to take a bus from terminal terrestre to Coca. You can ask the driver to drop you at Wawa Sumaco, and from there, you can hire a pick up truck to take you to the village of Pacto Sumaco at a price of 7 USD.

Source by Nagib Georges Araman


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Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador

Ready for a volcano ascent in Ecuador? The Sumaco Volcano in the Sumaco Capo-Galera National Park is waiting for you! ...

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