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Throw a Delightful Kid’s Under the Sea Party!

With the Under the Sea party you can go with:

1. A mermaid style style

2. A sea life focussed party

3. A nautical style party

Send an Invitation with a Poem:

Come to a party under the sea…

With the octopus and the manatee

We have clownfish, angelfish, starfish too

And mermaids… all we need is you!

Under the Sea Party Decorations

  • Put up lots of blue and green streamers on the ceiling to simulate the “motion of the ocean”.
  • Suspend sea animals from the ceiling (stuffies, plastic bath toys, etc.)
  • You can make lots of “fish” for very little money with paper, mylar foil, and hang them from the ceiling too, mylar ones will move in the air.
  • Crumple/ uncrumple Green streamers and rip them and let them hang down to make them look like “seaweed”.
  • Light blue garbage bags can be turned into durable streamers for outside.
  • Put up a fish net (or any type of netting).
  • For splashy fun (if the season allows it), consider borrowing a Kiddie Pool
  • Break out the water balloons, (have the children return the broken balloon pieces to get a replacement water balloon from the “balloon bank” or have a prize for the most balloon pieces collected – this way you won’t have lots of plastic bits littering the lawn). Latex balloons are biodegradable – and will rot at about the same rate as an Oak leaf.
  • If you really want a big project you could make a dory boat out of an appliance box.
  • Undersea parties can take place on the beach/at the pool/aquarium (in which case there can be less prep to do).
  • Tape plastic blue tablecloths to the wall and blue tissue to the windows and decorate with fish and sea creatures (lots of fish/sea creatures on the internet).

Under the Sea Party Activities

  • A game of limbo is always fun (try playing the calypso rhythms of the Little Princess’s “Under the Sea” song.
  • Have a “school” of fish cut-outs (paper clips attached) behind a sofa/sheet and have the children “fish” with “Fishing Poles” (a stick with a string and magnet attached).
  • Make “wave bottles” (a bottle filled with water, a bit of oil, blue dye and glitter and small plastic sea creatures) and glue the lids down. The children love watching the “waves”.
  • If it’s getting too wild (and the kids need to calm down a bit)… read the “Rainbow Fish”.
  • Start off a Treasure hunt with a mysterious “message in a bottle”.

Under the Sea Party Food

  • Goldfish crackers are always popular, they can be served with tuna sandwiches cut into fish shapes.
  • Fish Sticks/Fish and chips are also easy, some children will even eat crab dip.
  • For dessert serve saltwater taffy and ocean jello cups, (clear glass container with blue jello – when the jello is half set push some gummy fish/sharks into the jello and top with a bit of whipped cream “foam”.
  • For a fun touch you can use a sunburst shaped cookie cutter to take a bite out of the edges of sandwiches (as if a shark took a bite!)

Source by Colleen A Butler


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