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What Is Green Living and How Do You Start?

More and more, on a daily basis, we hear about green living. However, there are still many people who still don’t know or misunderstand what these words are truly all about. Green living is simply referring too, choosing to live your life in an environmentally responsible and Eco-friendly way in trying to decrease the ecological impact you make on mother earth.

There are many choices and practices we can all decide on to conserve our resources and help keep mother earth healthy. Some of the most common include recycling, alternative energy sources, sustainability, green construction, organic products and foods plus several other environmental choices.

The first step to going green is to become educated and learn its impact on the environment. Each one of us has to make the right choice and do our part, because this is a group effort or nothing, if we want to have an impact. If we all want our children and grandchildren to live healthier lives, it needs to start now, with us leading the way. Sources to become educated on Eco-friendly living can come from government agencies, internet and your local library. Providing the information explaining Eco living and the part it plays in decreasing global warming and preserving the planet.

Simple things can make a big difference, like using organic household cleaners, practicing the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), using go green rechargeable batteries and recycling an old item of clothing, instead of buying a new item. Having a party and using invitations? Try using your computer and emailing instead or if you don’t have a computer, make sure you use recycled paper product to make them up. It’s the little choices we make that make a huge contribution to living green.

I fully understand changing your lifestyle will not happen overnight and no one expects you to do so. However, by making a few changes in your daily lives and encouraging the friends and family around you, you’ll be making a huge impact on the problem of global warming. Instead of making huge changes in your life, just change the same things you do, into new living green methods. As a simple example, next time you are doing your weekly shopping or just a snack, look for items that use recyclable packaging and organic substances. Take the time to look for the go green labels on the packaging.

Another example is how you drink your water, if you must buy bottle water. Take the time to make sure it’s in recycled container. Also, if you open one bottle, instead of opening another, try refilling the empty one for the day. An even better idea is buying a stainless steel water bottle.

You’re still going to drink that much-needed water. You’re just going to drink it in a green or Eco-friendly way.

These choices are what it’s going to take to leave a healthier environment to live in as our legacy.

Source by Mark A Marshall


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What Is Green Living and How Do You Start?

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