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What is in Our Drinking Water?

It’s a common worry in today’s health-conscious age to wonder what is in our drinking water. The federal government has established the Environmental Protection Agency to govern our national drinking water supply and set impurity standards to levels that are acceptable for the continued health of everyone who relies on our water supply for their drinking water. The EPA sets acceptable levels for water turbidity, or cloudiness due to particular impurities and for levels of particular impurities such as bacteria, pesticides and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and radon. Believe it or not, certain levels of these chemicals do commonly exist in our water, as well as metallic impurities such as iron or lead that may come from old piping.

Water Filtration Systems

Though the EPA sets stringent standards and most water filtration plants in the US tend to exceed these standards, making our national drinking supply relatively safe, it is always a good idea to use a home water filtration system. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, tests are available for you to monitor coliform bacteria levels, chlorine, radon, pesticides and any other harmful impurities commonly found in the water supply. All water companies, whether they are utilities or private drinking water companies, must publish quarterly consumer reports by law that detail the levels of contaminants in their water. Accessing these reports by requesting them online or viewing the company’s web sites can help you make a good decision as to what kind of home filtration system you may need.

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