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Why Designers and Building Owners Choose Structural Steel

Over the years, steel became one of the most preferred superior construction material used by many building experts around the world. Most contractors are highly recommend investing in structural steel buildings to their loyal customers who want something that is more cost efficient, dependable, easy to customize and easy to maintain.

However, steel buildings are more than just a lower costing option. It has so many other advantages, which is sadly being overlooked at frequently. Here are some of the benefits you can get out of investing in structural steel as a material for your building:

Green Building

Did you know that structural steel is very environment friendly? One of the many advantages of steel buildings over its counterparts is its eco-friendliness. This material is long considered as the premier green construction material used in the industry particularly because of its reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to its concrete and wood counterpart.

We all know that there are numerous laws and regulations covering gas emissions and energy efficiency recently. And this is something that the structural metal building industry ensures to follow. Experts in this industry have drafted a strict set of guidelines, which exceed the requirements set by regulatory boards in the industry. If you spot a contractor not following these guidelines, you should report them to the authorities right away.

Low Project Cost

Metal and prefabricated buildings cost lesser than the traditional buildings. Steel remains to be the cost effective leader for many other construction materials for over more than 30 years. Although the price for steel has seriously increased by 62 percent recently, this is still comparatively lower than the ready-mix concrete prices which went up to 114 percent in the same period. Plus the fact that you don’t need highly skilled professionals to install your metal building at the site, the cost for the actual installation is definitely much lower.

Appealing Aesthetic

Since steel is very flexible, it is easy to modify and customize according to your clients’ preference. It also has this natural beauty praised by many architects which makes them more excited to work with steel compared to other materials. With steel, it’s easy to expose the building’s beauty in a design that will emphasize its grace, strength, transparency, and slenderness. The column-free clear spans and the use of colored coatings bring out the natural lighting of the frame and its simple elegance.

Also, structural steel sections can easily be bent and rolled. This creates its non-linear members to be enhanced further, thus making a more noticeable aesthetic appeal for the structure.

High Strength

Compared to other traditional construction materials, structural steel frame is stronger because it was further enhanced by steel reinforcing process. The increase in its standard strength is greater than the total strength of other competing highly strong materials.

Typically, a structural steel frame has 50 KSI material. This indicates that the steel has a yield stress that amounts to 50,000 pounds per square in– both in tension and compression. It also has a higher strength when it comes to weight ratio compared to other construction materials. This then results in having a lighter building, which requires less extensive and expensive foundations.

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