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Landscape Architectures, Lawn Care Businesses and Related Insurance

Meet Lloyd and Sam. The two are involved in beautifying lawns and properties. However, there's a clear difference. Lloyd holds a college degree in landscape architecture, something that has been awarded to him following a diligent school curriculum and testing. Sam on the other hand may not have even earned a high school diploma. He learned the trade from his dad's training and hands-on experience in the field.

Though there is a tangible a difference between landscape architects and lawn care business owners, both cater to the homeowner, business or public property and both need to acquire a tailor commercial insurance plan to protect them from the liability risks inherent to the industry.

The Landscape Architect: a general definition in terms of liability exposure
Someone who has been certified by a university or higher education college as a landscape architect can tactically draw up plans to beautify a property with greenery, shrubs, trees, flowers and associated means. The degree gives this professional the opportunity to gain a license for related work in most states within the United States of America.

Some of the landscape architect's responsibilities include designing locations such as a:

• Playground
• Tot-lot
• Home's back and front yard
• Common area in business areas and park
• Parks and recreational areas
• Upscale residential area properties and luxury home

Insurance companies provide professional liability coverage to protect the landscape architect from claims and lawsuits against him or her. In contrast to the academically schooled landscape architect, the lawn care business owner may or not deal with the landscape aspect of the industry. Nonetheless, those in this line face a broad liability risk exposure.

The Lawn care company: a general description in terms of liability exposure
Lawn Care businesses usually are involved in the following activities in relation to gardening and lawn upkeep:

• Grass cutting
• Weeding
• Bug and lawn, tree and shrub disease prevention and treatment
• Landscaping
• Plant, shrub and flower maintenance
• Sprinkler system installation

Although there is no professional liability here, the insurance companies are concerned about many things connected to services and lawn care employee training and experience. One of the chief worries involved general liability in regard to pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer application of yards as well as grassy, ​​tree and bush-lined properties.

Landscapers and lawn care company owners that are interested in finding out about customized related insurance policies at competitively lowest quotes are urged to be in touch with a reliable independent agency that does direct business with many of the top insurance providers and goes the extra mile for clients .

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Landscape Architectures, Lawn Care Businesses and Related Insurance

Meet Lloyd and Sam. The two are involved in beautifying lawns and properties. However, there's a clear difference. Lloyd...

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