Webster defines an Oasis as a fertile tract of land that occurs in a desert wherever a permanent supply of fresh water is available. In the universe an Oasis is a planet that has all the elements necessary to support life. It is impossible not to fathom that there are other planets our scientists term are in habitable zones making them an Oasis in the vast cosmos of space. For thousands of years man has looked up into the heavens and asked the eternal question are we alone or are there brothers of man somewhere out there far beyond our own known realm of reality inhabiting another Oasis?

For all life on this planet whether it is the smallest microbe to the Blue Whale the earth is our Oasis. Our island of a planet spinning around in the vastness of space really is the only home we have. And, yet man has squandered, polluted and generally wasted the natural resources that have made life possible. The harsh reality today is that the future of our planet, our oasis, and every life form is in grave jeopardy. Mankind has polluted the life giving resources that have made our oasis capable of supporting life. The damage mankind has inflicted on the environment has reached a point that is almost irreversible. Ever since the first industrial revolution pollution levels have steadily increased so that now without direct intervention to eliminate the sources of pollution whether it is in our water or air all life is in danger. Not only is pollution a major threat to ones life and liberty but man’s continued inhumanity to man and nature has already caused irrevocable harm to every species on this planet.

Throughout history so many species have disappeared either form natural catastrophes and more recently from man’s interference and indifference. It was over 65 million years ago that the dinosaurs were caught unaware that a giant meteor crashed into our planet was the cause of a massive climatic change. That sudden climatic change caused extinction to about 95% of all living species. Today, even though many deny the existence of man induced climatic change we have inadvertently caused global warming to accelerate faster because of our greed and depletion of the planets natural resources. A total disregard for the sanctity of life has been allowed to continue which has set in motion a chain of events that have already had devastating results.

For too long man continues to be ruled by compulsions of greed rather than a common good. Since the first industrial revolution our Oasis has been under constant threats that has rendered whole societies almost helpless against the assaults of nature and man. It is these assaults of nature which have only increased in intensity and frequency that are induced by man’s continued thirst for wealth, power and control. It is unquestionable to refute that the extraction, processing, transporting and consumption of fossil fuel energy sources are a direct contributor to a climatic change. A climatic change which is a real imminent threat to almost every form of life on this planet.

To often we have witnessed atrocities inflected by man’s compulsions of greed. Continued use of fuel sources that are known detrimental to life and our climate have made many places around the world inhospitable. Yet, too many of us are held hostage by the oil and coal conglomerates even though man has developed the technologies that would negate the effects of fossil fuel consumption. Today the realization is the fact that profits continue to outweigh the sanctity of life in practically every instance. Sure our governmental officials deny any involvement in increasing corporate gain but when we look at sobering instances of what man has already done to our oasis is a stark reminder that profits still win the day. All one has to do is travel to the Amazon where the massive deforestation of the Amazon Rain forest has accelerated climate change all around the world. Go to Beijing, China air pollution has made it necessary to build artificial atmospheric buildings, malls, athletic facilities and shelters to protect the people from the life threatening conditions of the polluted air that continues to hang over the region like a very dense fog.

What is so ironic is the fact that the energy to run the air purification systems too many are still using the energy sources that are the direct contributors to the air pollution in the first place. China is not alone with air quality that is so dangerous. Even right here in the United States many regions and metropolises frequently are exposed to air quality that is detrimental to man. The risks involved in continued consumption of fossil fuels when so much evidence states that humanity is in peril makes it clear that we had better start using renewable green energy before it really is too late. This, when we have the availability and the ability not to put in effect energy sources that are proven to be just as effective and yet have a positive effect on the environment is unconscionable.

The United States has slowly started change but still the global oil and coal conglomerates continue to make it very difficult for a societal shift to discontinue the dependence on fossil fuel sources. We had the ability back in the mid 1970’s to make the United States energy independent using alternate fuel sources and yet the oil and coal industries like they did to the Tucker Automobile made it sure that the energy sources of oil and coal continue to be the only available source of energy. And, today without direct intervention by governments to finally break free of energy dependence that has continued to upset the balance of nature and usher in a new day of renewable green energy sources the future of our Oasis remains very bleak.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams


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