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Sustainability Certificate: Why Prepare for Jobs in the Green Market

A sustainability certificate addresses today's green practices and how society meets the needs of current and future generations while protecting the environment. Students enrolled in these programs gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become environmentally conscious.

Sustainability coursework is designed to engage students in the critical thinking necessary to become socially responsible citizens, and then promote green living standards through society. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in academic studies devoted to sustainability issues.

Today's programs take a multi-discipline approach to sustainability. Coursework is offered from various departments, including science, education and business administration. This cross-functional approach offers students a broader perspective of issues and prepares them for the broad challenges the world faces.

The Benefits of a Sustainability Certificate

Educational institutions offering online sustainability certificates provide a perfect scenario for environmental studies. By connecting students of different backgrounds and locations, online colleges can create a level of diversity that supports collaborative learning.

This collaboration provides the foundation for living an environmentally responsible lifestyle. For sustainability efforts to succeed worldwide, every citizen must adopt an agreed upon, sustainable standard of living. Bringing people together to study sustainability issues is the first step in achieving environmental awareness.

Online or accelerated studies lower the financial investment students must make. And, they increase coursework flexibility. In other words, students do not have to show up in a classroom at regular dates and times.

Also, online sustainability certificates create an environmentally conscious educational choice. By not attending a live class, you're emitting no pollution by transporting yourself to school. You're also not contributing to waste generated from lighting and controlling the climate of a physical classroom. And, you're eliminating massive amounts of paper typically used in a traditional classroom environment.

Finally, online sustainability studies allow instructors to update the curriculum quickly and easily. As you can expect, environmental issues change rapidly. With online sustainability degrees, students can be assured of the most current information available at the time of their study.

Sustainability Certificates and the Green Job Market

As we consume more and more limited resources, sustainability becomes an important issue. The door is wide open for students in this field to work as consultants or in positions within corporations, utilities, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

Today, more and more corporations, for example, are establishing sustainability practices. Employees who have completed sustainability studies may have an edge in today's job market and can become valuable assets to an organization.

Although the current job market may appear less than favorable, the green industry is one beacon of hope. As this sector continues to grow, an increasing number of opportunities will be available to students with sustainability certificates.

In fact, the continuing awareness of environmental programs within business is fueling the growth of green jobs. For example, three of the fastest growing jobs in the United States are considered "green." Environmental engineers, geoscientists and landscape architects rise to the top in terms of employer demand.

A Sustainability Certificate or degree provides a solid foundation for pursuing one of these career tracks. And, because of the multi-discipline approach of sustainability studies, students can translate skills and knowledge to a wide variety of positions, even those outside of what's considered "green."

Although a sustainability certificate can help position you for an interesting career, it also helps you live your entire life more tuned into environmental issues. Your greater awareness benefits your professional and personal life. And, you'll be working throughout all aspects of your life to create a more sustainable global environment.

Source by Jamie Lawry


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Sustainability Certificate: Why Prepare for Jobs in the Green Market

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