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The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

One of the greatest mysteries of the modern world is the Bermuda Triangle also know as “Devil’s Triangle”. The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda . Miami-FL , and San Juan-PR. The Triangle has been a place where ships and planes have disappeared and continue to disappear in ways that defy explanation. Many people have claimed that the happenings in this area fall beyond the boundaries of human error and acts of nature and are likely linked to the paranormal or maybe even acts of extraterrestrial beings.

There have been a substantial numbers of documents and reports from the triangle that show some incidents have been inaccurately reported and even embellished on by many. Though at the same time there are many other disappearances that have clearly been correctly reported and have remained unexplained despite considerable investigations and deny explanation. Incidents have been reported including planes flying through what seemed like wormholes and thick unnatural cloud formations, ships disappearing in open waters leaving no signs. Some of the more well known and documented disappearances are as follows:

Flight 19 – a training flight that went missing on December 5, 1945 while over the triangle. The impression is that the group of plains encountered unusual phenomena and anomalous compass readings from still unexplained reasons even thought reports were that the flight took place on a calm and clear day. The official navy report if the accident is ascribed as ” Cause or reason unknown” as to the disappearance.

Mary Celeste – This documented story is often linked to the triangle but some dispute the fact that the happening actually took place in the triangle and instead perhaps happened off the coast of Portugal. In 1872 the “Mary Celeste” was found abandoned without any trace of her crew or what may have happened to them.

USS Cyclops – This incident is still the single largest loss of life by the US Navy not related to combat. After departing from the island of Barbados on March 4, 1918 the USS Cyclops went missing without a trace somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. To date there are no strong theories to the cause of its disappearance.

There have been many attempts at explaining some of the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle. From many natural explanations such as Methane Hydrates , Compass Variations, Hurricanes , Gulf Stream current, and Freak (rogue) Waves along with simple human error and deliberate acts of destruction. Although there are some who say there is a lot more to the triangle and attribute a lot of its odd happenings to things such as leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis which sank under triangle waters , UFO’s and extraterrestrial beings , mysterious and anomalous forces controlling the triangle area.

Will the mystery of the triangle ever be discovered ? Are the triangle happenings simply explained and occur no more often than incidents in other area’s of ocean around the world ? Or does the triangle hide a gateway to another world , or time warp enhanced wormholes ?

“The Search Never Ends”

Source by Sid Credeur Jr


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