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Using Energy-Saving Candle Bulbs – A Big Help to Save the Environment

The world right now is facing a great challenge on global warming and the greenhouse effect. The effects of global warming are greatly experienced by most of us today and have the attention of people and organizations from all over the world. Environmentalists have expressed much concern on the harmful effects of climate change to human kind. And in fact there are plenty of actions undertaken just to protect Mother Nature from the massive destruction of global warming.

What causes Global Warming?

Studies have shown that human beings have contributed so much to the situations of global warming because of excessive misuse of energy and so much release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In the height of modern technology our surroundings has suffered from the harmful gases released to the air. Daily activities like driving your car, using telecommunication devices and using electricity at home. The massive cutting of trees from the forests have contributed so much to the release of carbon dioxide to air and fewer conversion to oxygen. The increasing heat being trapped in the atmosphere has brought climate change which causes prolonged heat period, El NiƱo phenomenon, flash floods, earthquakes and storms.

As an individual you can contribute so much on how to save the environment in your own little ways at home. By committing to make lifestyle change in using energy is one way you can help to save the world from the damaging effects of climate change. Think about using energy saving candle bulbs in your lighting requirements to save home energy. These are some of the features of energy saving candle bulbs thus saving them is more appropriate:

• Cost Efficient

• Environment Friendly

• Durable and long lasting

Energy Saving Candle Bulbs are cost efficient

This type of bulbs can help you much to save home energy because they provide illumination while very low wattage is consumed. Actually they only consumed around 33.3% of power than normal lights do.

Durable and long lasting

You do not need to buy energy saving candle bulbs very often since they are very durable, handy and trendy. They come in various forms, fittings and shape. They last about ten times longer than traditional lights we are using at home.

Environment Friendly

Energy saving candle bulbs contribute more benefits to the environment since they do not require much energy to use. Less energy equals less electricity demand, thus, less carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere.

If you are going to switch on using energy saving candle bulbs you can expect a gradual decrease of your monthly electricity bills at the same time contributing so much to save your environment from the harmful effects of climate change. Though buying candle bulbs will require paying higher amount than the traditional bulbs we have at home but its long term benefits exceeded its cost. Invest on your safety and start the change in your homes now! Use energy saving candle bulbs now to save home energy and save planet Earth as well.

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