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Why the World’s Population Has Escalated Dramatically

There would be few to argue against the fact that the earth is in rapid decline, species are fading as the habitats disappear, and the over-population of it is unsustainable. Rare extremely beautiful creatures are threatened while entire communities, such as those of the Great Barrier Reef, have little future in the current climate. Destruction is everywhere as the greed for money surpasses common sense.

One must ask why? In 1850 the population was around 1 billion but by 1950 it had climbed to almost 3 billion. Now, just over 65 years later it has surpassed 7 billion. From an increase of 2 billion in one hundred years to in excess of 4 billion in 65 years one can see how steep the incline has become.

This has put pressure on all the resources and especially on habitats and land security. Coupled as it is with climate change and rising sea levels the future is even more dire. Man has finally arrived at a disastrous point in his existence with extinction ever more likely.

If one has a clear and open mind to absorb the facts, they may see the answer in the prophecies laid down by the Universal Spirit for the people of Israel. To begin with we have all reincarnated, the memory of which frames my knowledge of the real God. Job 5:19-22 says we have returned seven times.

The Spirit is the Great Creator and its plan is such that it allowed a certain period, called the day of the lord, for people to change their ways and acknowledge it. The majority, however, have gone their own way and they worship the false gods of religion and pray to idols that have no power. When they finally realise that it will be too late.

Each time they died they carried their deeds with them and returned to live again and continue as they had previously. Those deeds robbed them of their link to the Spirit and now most are lost in the trauma of the punishment dealt out to them.

“Thy dead men shall live… Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust… and the earth shall cast out her dead.” Isaiah 37:19

Now we are seeing this as the number of people grows because they are here now for the judgment of God. Those who carried evil in their hearts and minds and who thought of money and idols as more precious than their spirituality is being taken away. Only those who maintained the link and who give the glory to the Spirit will survive.

It is all in the prophecies for those who have a mind open enough to look closely at what is promised therein. Reincarnation of all has occurred and is the reason why the population has exploded as we face the end of the day.

Source by Norma Holt


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