A very specific kind of insurance, pollution liability coverage is usually purchased by contractors, airports, farms, storage yards, composting firms, and fueling factories as gap coverage for a standard liability policy. Its main purpose is to provide coverage for damages such as repair, cleanup, and injury or death caused by pollution. It exists because most standard liability policies exclude damage caused by pollution.

On top of repair, cleanup, and injury or death coverage, the insurance should also include coverage for the following:

o Pollution from the insured area

o Pollution from transportation

o Mold damage

o Sudden and gradual conditions

o Workers' compensation

o Claim investigation costs

o Medical and legal costs

You may also have the option of including coverage for diminution of value to the property that's damaged or lost because of damage.

Pollution Coverage For Your Business

Not all insurance companies offer such coverage so the ones that do tend to specialize in it. AIG; Zurich In North America; and Environmental Insurance Agency, Inc. are three of the top pollution liability insurance carriers.

Pollution coverage should be considered by any company within the mentioned industries. If you want to learn more about pollution liability insurance then contact an insurance agent today. Talking to an expert will help you decide if it is right for your purposes and how much coverage you specifically need. You can also compare insurance quotes to find the best policy at the most attractive.


Source by Tom Lustina


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