It is sometimes wondering that how careless ladies are when it comes to the usage of cosmetics in general. This is well known fact that maximum of ladies switch to new cosmetics in the markets on listening to their friends who say it to be better than the one they are already using. But is it, a good practice, being a literate you should be alert and go through the review of the product before using them to stop them being harsh on your soft skin. This never means that you do not trust your beloved friend. Friendship has nothing to do here, skins of you and the weather conditions you and your friend live may differ which do not let the cosmetics give the same impact on both skins.

For this purpose you should go for all condition cosmetics like the ones from SeneGence. LipSense from SeneGence is one of the best products for lips. Many women suffer chapped lips, even on using many kinds of lipsticks and lipcolors. But the same chapping is gone when using LipSense lipcolor, why? The reason is very simple, that LipSense has been made from a very soothing technology on studying despite the conditions that let them crack and bleed. The reason for chapping of lips is lipsticks available from departmental stores and used blindly.

Lipsticks available in departmental stores are made of wax and resin. Wax and Resin are responsible for cracking of lips as they create lesions that are tiny in lips resulting in the dry cracked lips. These are very harsh on lips and will remain harsh on using the wax lipsticks. To avoid this better shift to the lip colors that are semi permeable and made of lip stains with fine molecular structures containing Shea butter and followed with lip Gloss that is very hygienic protecting and soothing the soft lips.

LipSense is one such product from SeneGence that has all the above said ingredients, when used you are getting a bonus of an added advantage like having a complete shield against damaging rays of sun and polluting elements in air. Therefore it can be said that LipSense semi permanent lip color serves as a sun shield protecting lips from effects of ultra violet rays in case in the places that are affected by ozone hole which are not specifically pointed and danger is always on. So it is careful to use trustworthy cosmetic products that protect us from external damages to the skin.


Source by Prahalad Singh


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