Similar to its diversity in geographical features, Kerala also has vast diversity in its climate. Kerala enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. The highland areas of the state has cool and pleasant weather round the year whereas plains and coastal areas are more hot and humid.

Temperature in Kerala:

The temperature in hilly areas remains at 20 degree centigrade whereas as we move to plains we will find drastic difference in temperature. In the plains and coastal areas, temperature varies from 28 degree to 32 degree centigrade.

Rainfall in Kerala:

Kerala enjoys high amount of rainfall as compared to its nearby states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Climate of Kerala:

Keralites people basically enjoys four types of climate such as Winter, Summer, South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon.

Weather:- Winter season in Kerala starts from later part of November and lasts till the middle of February. During this season, Kerala witnesses the lowest amount of rainfall. In the hilly areas of Kerala, winter temperatures often fall below 10 degree centigrade.

Summer:- Summer season in Kerala starts from February and last till May. During this season, temperature rises to very high. Occasional rainfall with lightening and thundering occurs in this season. Kottayam district receives the highest rainfall during summer season.

South West Monsoon:- South West monsoon is the main rainy season in Kerala. It starts in the last part of May or in the beginning of June and ends by September. As we move towards North, we will see gain in its intensity. In the southern areas of the state, monsoon is around 40-50% and in the northern areas it is around 80%.

North East Monsoon:- North East Monsoon is also known as reverse monsoon. It commences in the month of October and November and sometimes lasts till December.

If you want to enjoy these varied climate of Kerala, than immediately plan a trip to Kerala.


Source by Jolly Mazumdar


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