Max is the fifth book in this series with Maximum Ride and her flock. In the last book, The Final Warning, the flock was working on global warming.

Max begins with the group performing in air shows that were organized by Max's mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez. Their main goal is to make the public more aware of air pollution. As the group is performing, a sniper attacks them. Not only is their life in danger but there is another major problem. Millions of fish are dying and no one knows why.

The government recruits Max and the flock to help find the problem. They discover that a company is disposing dangerous waste materials into the ocean.

Even though this book is geared to the teen level, adults will find this adventuresome book entertaining also. I have read many of the books in this series and feel this one is the best yet. The flock takes the reader on a wild ride and leaves them with a suspenseful ending that will keep them hanging. The reader will want the next book to come out soon to find out what happened.

James Patterson has written a book that is filled with action and even has some romance. He tells the story in such a way that it almost sounds believable. At the same time, the book is sending out messages about subjects like pollution, etc. Max is a book that will keep take you on another journey you will not forget. Be sure to add Max to your reading list.


Source by Nancy Eaton


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