The alarming rate of climate change and global warming has made the world leaders sit and discuss the ways and means to save the planet Earth. According to the Climate Change Inter Government Panel, alternate energy is that energy which will have no threatening emissions like carbon dioxide and others contributing to global warming and climate change.

The official definition of alternative energy has undergone many changes and the topic remains controversial for many. The history of alternative energy saw coal replacing wood and expensive petroleum, petroleum-replacing whale oil, alcohol replacing the usage of fossil fuels and last but not the least the renewable energy came to replace non-renewable energy. In the wake of global warming alternate energy could be defines as the usage of energy created using natural products like solar, wind and hydroelectric energy creation. This way we could reduce the effect of global footprints.

Solar power is one of the popular options as this uses the abandoned solar energy for consumption in various forms. This way the solar light reaching the earth releases electrons. This electron forms the core for the common electricity. Wind energy the next best option converts wind into electricity through wind turbines. One % of the world population is consuming the wind energy. Hydroelectric energy is supplying electricity to the 19% of the world population. The water force is the energy converted into electricity by water turbines. Dams across the country has been constructed and being used to generate hydro electricity for many years now. Biomass energy is yet another option, which is yet to see many breaks through research and development.

Scientists across the world believe that increasing the usage of alternative energy is the only way to reduce the green gas emission, carbon footprints and harmful pollutant, which has changed the very character of our planet earth leading to global warming. Research and development of alternative energy taken by new age scientist would help in increasing the usage of alternate energy. This will also stop the global warming and make the environment a safe place to live and breathe in.


Source by Merlin Trau


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