Wondering are fish oil supplements healthy? You have come to the right place then. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding these supplements which claim to provide generous health benefits. What's the truth?

Let's find out.

To find out the true answer to the question - are fish oil supplements healthy - you first need to know what's actually inside this oil that makes these supplements tick.

Some species of fish like the hoki, tuna, salmon and mackerel contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids inside. These fatty acids like DHA, EPA and DPA have many positive effects on the organs and processes inside our body.

The human brain, for example, is made of 60% fats. Half of that amount is DHA fats only. Even the retina in our eyes is 60% DHA. This is why by increasing the intake of DHA in your diet, you can improve your memory and focus, have better cognitive skills and also keep Alzheimer's at bay. The risk of AMD is also less and your vision keeps clear and sharp even in the later years.

The other health benefits of these fats include prevention of Cancer due to their anti inflammatory properties, diabetes control by increasing the insulin production in the body and a stronger immune system too.

Now, here's the darker side of these pills, which you need to know of too.

As you would be aware, almost no part of the oceans worldwide is now left free from pollution. All sorts of waste materials are dumped into the ocean waters. The fish present there then ingest pollutants like mercury and lead from this dirty water.

If you take unfiltered oil extracted from such dirty fish, then you would be at risk of serious health problems like mercury poisoning. The sad part is - many manufacturers do not purify their oil properly and use half baked, cheap processes of purifying the oil. It's companies like these that give fish oil bad name.

So, are fish oil supplements healthy? Only if you look for a quality supplement produced by an ethical company, that uses effective methods of purification like Molecular Distillation.

This complex procedure strips away all contaminants from the oil and makes it absolutely safe for consumption.

Now that you know are fish oil supplements healthy, go ahead and find out a good supplement. Just remember to choose a really pure one.


Source by Michael Holman


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