As I review 4Life Research in response to a request about the ability to find success in this opportunity I find a more interesting debt going on. Do the products work? What is the deal with the FDA letter about 4Life Research being a drug versus a supplement and can I profit from this company.

I first want to state that I am not writing today to bash or diminish 4Life Research but rather to give it a general review and discuss how to make money in 4Life Research or any MLM opportunity for that matter. At the end of the day that is really what matters is it not?

Here is the first thing you must establish, why are you in this 4Life Research business. Is it just for the product or is it to make money? Hopefully it is for both reasons.

If it is just for the products then I hope you find the results you are looking for but keep this one thought in mind. A product sold through and MLM is typically more expensive then a like kind product from a non MLM company. In some cases a MLM has a unique product that provides unique results and you may find the benefits worth the investment. Keep this in mind as you are set to autoship each and every month. 4Life Research has a wide variety of products and if that is all you are interested in just make sure you get what you pay for. I am not suggesting that you are not, only you can determine costs versus benefits.

I have personally never tried one of the 4Life Research products. I am basing my review purely on third party research and testimonial. From hundreds of reviews, testimonials, and conversations with its users I have found an overwhelmingly positive response. This even after I told them I am not a potential customer, just an author looking for an honest and confidential review.

For the majority of the negative responses I reviewed about 4Life Research products the largest complaint was about a 2004 FDA letter. I found it interesting so I looked it up and quickly dismissed it once I read that all it was about is the improper use of descriptive words on their website. Since it is 2010 and the letter was dated 2004 I am sure that all of the needed corrections have been made and 4Life Research is still around and successful today with no other FDA letters that I was able to find.

My personal opinion of supplement businesses is that they are always one day away from being regulated out of business and I am sure 4Life Research is no exception. Let me give you an example from another industry, student loans. A friend of mine was a VP for the third largest private student loan provider in the country. They did over $ 3 billion in loans per year. In the blink of an eye with a rider on a bill not even related to education that entire industry was regulated out of existence and now the government controls all access to student loan funds. Given the climate with medical and health I am sure it is only a matter of time before the supplement industry falls prey to government take over and all the expensive lobbyists in the world can not fix it as the student loan industry found out the hard way .

Until the government over steps its boundaries again the big question is can you make money with 4Life Research? The truth is you can make money with any MLM. There are top producers in every single one.

This leads me to a cold hard truth about the MLM world in general. 98% of all people who are involved in MLM, including 4Life Research, do not find the success they are looking for. There are two very simple reasons why, lack of leadership and lack of solid sales and marketing skills.

The first one I can not help you with. If your up-line is weak you could be in trouble before you even get started. You may want to look for a new and stronger up-line. It is leadership that is expected to guide you, teach you and give you all the secrets to wealth is not it? Maybe. If your up-line sucks I am sorry.

This is what you need to know about MLM marketing. There is an outdated old school method that is taught to every person in MLM even 4Life Research and then there is MLM marketing 2.0. The old school method is like a rite of passage. Make a list of every person you know and then go piss them off with another MLM pitch, sound familiar. It works, but most people you sign up do so just to help you out and will be out of it in a matter of months once they see the billing billing, then what? Next you are told to buy leads and start to dial for dollars. If you are like most folks you quit after the first 20 rejections. Calling works too but is a royal pain in the you know what. These methods are slow. Your 4Life Research business will be lucky to breakeven after 5 years using these old outdated methods.

You need to learn to use attraction marketing so that leads will come to you. You need to learn how to profit from every prospect even those that do not join your program. You do all this by arming yourself with knowledge and partnering with leaders that can show you how. Once you learn these skills, which is not that hard, you can become the mentor and literately attract leads into your 4Life Research business on auto pilot every day. It is possible to drive hundreds of laser targeted leads to your 4Life Research opportunity every month, week and even every day if you take the time to learn and most importantly take action.

You can do it I know you can. I did. I found my mentor and now I am willing to help you. Learn more in my about me and follow my lead to your success.


Source by William Gregory Lewis


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