Many know the benefits of consuming more high quality EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) and Omega 3's from fish and fish oil. However, one main drawback and danger to consuming omega 3s from fish oil is often not discussed. Unfortunately, due to worldwide water pollution, many previously good sources of fish oil have become tainted with mercury. Mercury poisoning often causes irreversible brain and negative physical changes, including paralysis, mental impairment, retards physical growth, reduces immune function, and even causes premature death, to cite just a health dangers. Many fresh water fish can no longer be eaten unfortunately due to the fact that the waters that swim in have become polluted from industrialized sources, PCBs, or run-off water containing chemical fertilizers, DDT, and pesticides from property owners.

Health Note: This is why dental cavity fills with silver / mercury cavity fillings are so dangerous. Do not let your dentist use any mercury in your fillings. Ask for newer non-mercury composite cavity fills. If you do exist existing silver with mercury fillings, removing them is wise and may eliminate or prevent many existing or future health problems. Only let competent dentists remove mercury fillings as special precautions must be exercised so that harmful mercury from the fills upon removal are not released into your body.

Like many Americans who eat fish from unknown ocean, lakes and streams, people who live in the Great Lakes regions of the US have suffered from nervous and mental disorders as a result of eating Great Lakes fish fish, even if only once or twice a month . The best sources of fish containing the most omega 3's usually come from salt water ocean fish. Generally speaking, the smaller the deep water fish, the higher in omega 3 oils and the safer the fish is to eat. Larger predatory fish, since they tend to swim in more polluted waters and live longer, generally consume more mercury than smaller fish like sardines, anchovies, and herring. However, one of the safest fish sources for its omega 3 content and most nutritious fish to eat is wild (non-farm raised) Alaskan salmon, especially pink Sockeye salmon.

Note: Many farm-raised species of fish, (as opposed to free-range fish caught in open waters) are fed antibiotics, hormones, and less nutritious grain meals to fatten them up rather than feeding off plankton and smaller fish that are naturally rich in omega 3s.

Among the safest and best sources of omega 3s from fish, approximately in the order of benefit are salmon (free range, wild Alaskan salmon and sockeye salmon, not farm salmon), sardines, anchovies, small mackerel or mackerel from waters deep in the unpolluted South Pacific, herring, fresh water lake trout, and tuna. Regular and usually less expensive canned chunk light tuna is usually better for you and generally has less mercury than the white Albacore tuna, which may have triple the mercury content.

Health Warning: Children can be specifically affected by eating mercury contaminated fish. Early learning disorders, reduced physical and mental growth, along with compromised intelligence and deficient brain development can follow. Pregnant mothers who eat high mercury fish have higher miscarriage rates or bear children more inclined to suffer from mental and learning disorders, lower intelligence, and mental development problems.

I'm glad to say that Doctor Greens has a very safe and highly concentrated fish oil high in very healthy Omega 3's called Omega Pure. It is well worth the effort to put the best and safest fish oil in your body to help protect and support your brain and better energized health.

Here's to your Best of Health and Longevity, Hal Decker.


Source by Hal Decker


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