When you and your family decide to put together a master list of dream vacation spots that will satisfy everyone in your home, there is little doubt one of the possibilities is not visiting a mountain town. Even the words 'mountain town' conjure up typically inane images of back-country routes to remote cabins, rural living reminiscent of generations past, and a way of life that just seems out of step with the happening 21st century.

Well, it may be time for you & your loved ones to adopt a far different take on what exactly a mountain town can offer when it comes to being your next vacation destination. In reality, if you're not at least considering a jaunt into the mountains, you're really selling your vacation planning short, and as valuable as that time is, you owe it to yourself to give it a second look.

Here are five reasons why planning your next vacation stay in a mountain town may just make it the premier family destination for your brood:

Small & Quaint - Think about the usual places that most people want to take vacations. They usually involve sand, beaches, ocean water, swimming pools, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. It all seems nice until you realize everyone want to be there, too. Mountain towns tend to remain small in physical size & population, keeping things kid of cozy.

Tucked Away - This doesn't mean inaccessible or rural. It just means that you have a little more room to breathe in a mountain town. Mountains & crisp air greet you in the morning rather than horns honking. Pollution isn't just trash you toss in the bin. The quiet solitude of nature & actual seasons is a pretty nice change.

Easy to Navigate - If you've ever been on vacation & gotten lost (even with a map), you'll know how refreshing it can be to know you can travel & explore the town without being afraid of losing your way.

Friendly Locals - If you do happen to get a little turned around, ask someone for some help. Residents are very friendly & always able to lend a hand, even if all you need is a nudge in the right direction. They can also be great resources for dining options & other family fun ideas.

A Chance to Explore - Right at the top of the list of why a mountain town vacation will sweep your family off of its feet is that you all will be able to explore more than just an urban environment. Biking trails, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, skiing, are snowboarding only some of the highlights of what may be awaiting you in a mountain town. You also have the added benefit of having local things to do that a part of the annual calendar of events. Why not try fitting in with everyone & take part in local traditions?

A mountain town vacation may not be the alluring option for families planning out some time away. However, if you really want to get the most out of your trip, this unique twist may be just what you need & may very well become a family tradition.


Source by Morris Raymond


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