Over the last ten years global warming has been an item of debate although, the one thing that has been agreed upon is that the earth is warming. An agreeable definition is one that tells us that greenhouse gasses are the cause of the warming of the earth. The controversy continues as to the cause of global warming and how will it eventually affect the earth. There has even been some controversy as to whether it exists. There is no argument as to the rise in the earth's temperature as is has risen, in the past one hundred years, from 0,45 -.06 degrees Celsius.

The controversy is caused by those that believe and those that are skeptical. Those that believe feel that greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are a shield trapping the heat inside the atmosphere. Temperature rises when carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere See graph.

Arise in the earth's temperature will cause the ice caps to melt and the sea levels to rise. The earth's coastline will wash away and there is a fear of disease to human life and wildlife.

Those that don't believe, feel that the world heating up is not a problem to the environment and that the increase in earth's temperature is not alarming. The earth's coastline will not disappear and neither will the ice caps.

This graph shows that there were temperature increases in the middle of the twentieth century before the spread of carbon dioxide. The graph also shows the temperature fluctuations over time.

Arguments as to whether it exists or does not exist have been many. The believers in global warming have felt they have proved its existence using computer climate models. The non believers state that these models are not based in fact and are therefore not reliable proof.

And so the arguments continue with one faction stating that global warming is something we should be alarmed about and is an issue that should not be taken lightly, and the other faction stating that global warming is a natural phenomenon and that there is no cause for alarm.


Source by Daniel Lanback


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