Indigenous people say that Mother Earth is sick, she has a fever. They advise that native peoples must go to Mother Earth's sacred sites around the world, and perform the sacred ceremonies that will return Mother Earth to health and balance. How are non-native peoples to become one with Mother Earth?

Raw oil and gas spreading in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. Ocean life being killed. Glaciers melting at unprecedented rates. Ocean levels rising making it necessary for costal peoples to relocate. Air pollution worsening. Wars in localities where there are natural resources such as oil. Our carbon footprint grows at an alarming rate. And the list goes on. What are we to do?

I've been giving thought to the earth's predicament and puzzling about solutions. This is what I come up with:

1. Let's seek out aborigine wisdom. While it's not ours to perform the sacred ceremonies of native peoples, we can discover what nature is saying to us. We can listen.

2. What are some sacred rites and spiritual practices we have to bless the wellness of Mother Earth and to assist in focusing us in health of all.

3. We can clean up the creeks, streams and other waterways near us. We can unite with native people in seeking the wellness of the earth.

4. We can reduce our personal carbon footprint by using our vehicles less each week. We can try walking between places. We can ride bicycles or three-wheelers. We can use public transportation. We can share rides, not just to work, but on errands.

5. We can buy organic and buy local. This behavior would reduce the amount of insecticides and herbicides used, resulting in less pollutants entering the earth, water table and water-ways.

6. We can advocate for wind and sun power in meeting our energy needs. A public school close to where we live recently installed a small windmill that generates enough electricity to meet their energy needs.

7. We can take reusable shopping bags when we go to the grocery and other stores.

8. We can recycle plastics, paper and glass.

9. If we don't have our own vegetable gardens, we can join our neighbors in community gardens where organic methods are used.

10. We can advocate for healthy foods in our schools and in vending machines.

11. Compost kitchen waste except for animal products. Add raked leaves to the compost pike instead of burning them.

12. Install rain barrels to collect rain water from roof troughs.

A new day, a fresh start, make this day meaningful for contributing to the healing of Mother Earth.


Source by Judy Brutz


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