You must have come across people lamenting over the fact that their indoor air quality is more polluted. Buying eco-friendly rugs is a great way to keep the indoor environment free from pollution. So, buying affordable modern rugs is not suggested. Machine-made modern rugs are made up synthetic fibres and emit lots of VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. Let us have a quick look at the 5 shopping tips to buy eco-friendly rugs.

Avoid Buying Machine-made Rugs:

Avoid buying machine-made rugs and carpets because they are petroleum based and made up of synthetic fibres, so they emit a lot of VOCs. Contrary to this, natural fibre rugs are biodegradable and made up of renewable resources like wool. This makes them resistant to stains. You can choose the one that is minimally treated. Organic cotton, jute, seagrass, coir or sisal etc. are some of the best choices.

Non-toxic Backing and Underlay Pads Should be Considered:

Rub backings and underlay pads should also be treated with the natural materials that can keep the environment free from gases. You need to look for the pads that are made up of the camel's hair or untreated wool etc. Also these natural pads should be sewn and not glued to the backs. Natural latex backing is preferred over foam rubber, plastic or latex.

Look for Organic and Untreated Rugs:

Even if the rugs are made up of natural fibres, they are treated with insects, stains and flame repellents which are again the cause of VOCs emissions. You need to look for organic cotton that is grown and processed without pesticides, bleach and defoliants. Even the natural fibres like cotton or wool are also processed. So, better you ask for organic and untreated rugs.

Certifications Help You Find the Better Product:

You should buy a rug whose health and environmental claims have been verified by an authorised source. The best certifications can guarantee that you have bought a rug that are made up of recycled and renewable resources which would not harm the environment and that the company has taken all the right steps to reduce the pollutants during the manufacturing process.

Some people buy rugs for keeping the indoors absolutely clean. There are others who buy them for concealing their cheap floors and some people buy them for enhancing the aesthetic value of their living rooms. If the topmost quality in terms of material, styles and colours is your priority, you can contact us.


Source by Mark Hurst


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