Most of us recognize that when we clean house, we need to have the proper tools to do the job. Sometimes it can be as simple as using a cloth and some elbow grease, but there are times when that is not enough. When you are faced with tough stains you can not clean on your own, pressure washing might be the best solution for you.

You may have watched someone power washing in the community around you or perhaps have done it yourself. These powerful tools can help clean the exterior of buildings, walls, large machinery and statues.

Pressure washing is well known for its ability to remove pollution and residue from all types of structures. But it can be used indoors as well on concrete floors of garages that may have oil stains, and some tile floors. Many businesses use them to help clean up graffiti as well.

The decision to go and use pressure washing on your own is up to you. You can potentially purchase one, rent one from certain stores or hire a professional with knowledge and experience to cover your power washing needs.

As a general rule the professional is going to deliver a better solution for you. Since they have experience operating these machines, you do not have to worry about any mistakes that can damage the area that is being cleaned. Some people who have seen professional pressure washing to clean windows have tried this method with their own windows with nasty results.

The professional understands what the different forms of stains and surfaces will need in advance to correctly clean the area and get it looking like new. Before you go and hire someone it is important to understand how the process works, and what to look for.

Power washing uses water that is internally heated and distributed at about 5 gallons each minute, and will deliver approx 3,000 pounds on every square inch it comes in contact with. In some cases it is important to use a chemical or solvent to take care of certain stains, but if you want to focus on a more environmental solution, you have additional options.

Soda blasting is one form that is so safe you can use it in the area of ​​food equipment. This process cleans every level of the surface, and there is nothing to mask because it remains safe and biodegradable.

For tough jobs, many power washers will use sandblasting. This is the best solution when abrasion and stripping are needed for a job.

Another option safe for the home and even eating areas is dry ice blasting. This form takes dry ice pellets that help to remove substances with a gas that dries on contact.
When you decide to move forward and select a professional to handle your power washing needs, take a moment to check on a few areas:

"How long have they been in operation?

"Are they a locally run business? It is usually best to operate with companies that have longevity in the area, as they know what methods will give better cleaning results.

"Are they a family run business? These businesses tend to have a friendlier approach and a loyalty to their community.

"What methods of power washing do they offer?

Take to fully investigate any company you are considering to handle your pressure washing needs. This process can make your home look amazing, but only if it is handled properly by a professional.


Source by John Biles


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