Eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is the phrase used for goods and services which cause minimum harm to the environment, but on the contrary are helpful in sustaining an equivalent and appropriate environment. The gamut includes guidelines, laws, policies and statements supporting environmental up gradation. The 14000 series of standards enforced by the International Standard Organization is nothing but a forceful step towards universal environmental management. Eco-friendly technology is the call of the day.

Of the entire macro organism capable of adding to pollution, Homo sapiens is but a minute fraction, but are liable for 99% pollution. The majority of human population living in remote countryside, villages and aboriginals living in forests is eco-friendly. The tragedy is that pollution has become conspirable to affluent living. The US generates maximum garbage and pollutants per person. A remote Indian village has natural eco-friendly technologies imbedded in its psyche. Their activities are eco-friendly.

Of late, the prosperous population is adapting products and services which have sprouted from eco-friendly technology. The market is now getting flooded with products manufactured from eco-friendly technology. Some are as under:

There are energy saving adapters for mobile phone which automatically gets switched off once the battery of the mobile is fully charged. This saves almost 90% electrical energy which would have drained out if an ordinary adapter is left plugged in the power supply.

Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker allows to pack household junks such as newspapers, paper mail, wood clipping and shredding, tea bags and even wet combustible material into a compact density log. This log maker has been made from 100% recycled plastic material. Burning household trash is a better option than using woods cut from precious green trees.

Vehicular emission has been the largest deterrent to the health of the environment. Bicycling for short distances are being regularly recommended since it saves precious fuel energy, has zero pollution implicit, and above all, it is a resounding step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, difficult terrain and old age are some hindrances in opting for bicycle rides. Now electrically operated bicycle is swarming the market, which is a major contribution of eco-friendly technology.

Ionic toothbrushes are made from Titanium dioxide. Negative ions are generated when Titanium reacts with natural or artificial light and saliva of the mouth. These negative ions kill the bacteria present in the mouth and adhering to the tooth. These ions also neutralize the acid of the plaque. More expensive ionic toothbrushes have solar panels at the base of the brush, which generates ions that are more negative. Just imagine, the saving of water and the resources used in manufacturing toothpastes by adopting this eco-friendly technology.

The Eco-cartridge is another eco-friendly technology. The ink cartridge is made from recycled cardboard. It uses the least amount of plastic in the ink so that the product decomposes easily and quickly. The interior of the cartridge is lined with biodegradable lamination to restrict any leakage. The conventional packaging has also been reduced.

We are stepping into the history of the future.


Source by PN Singh


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