We have to care for people in our care, this is part of our social commitment to our community. This extends beyond the hospitals and we have to be mindful that we protect the vulnerable within our community and our care, without this responsibility they are lost in the system.

Anti Ligature.

Now throughout Europe the terms used is anti-ligature, this is used when referring to detention centres and mental institutions and refers to the withdrawal of any possible hazards that a client may use to harm themselves, from door handles, hinges, wardrobes and even televisions. With the introduction of flat panel displays, the old CRT solutions are not longer applicable as these are just to cumbersome, however you need to still mount the display on the wall with out using a wall bracket - some detention centres actually build the displays into the wall, however cooling is required to ensure the televisions are kept at the correct temperature.

Non Loopable.

This is used throughout American and Australian correctional facilities as well as mental health units, similar to the anti-ligature specification used in Europe this prevents clients from creating a noose and harming themselves on doors, internal furniture and yes the LCD wall brackets.

What makes the units so special is that previously with the Cathode Ray Tube televisions, the audio quality was very poor, as the enclosures were manufactured from wood that had a limited lifespan, now with the change in technology, this gives the people who manage these facilities the opportunity to rethink the deployment.

A steel enclosure can be used that has no corners to allow a blanket, towel or belt to be placed around the display as a noose, each unit can be fitted with high quality stereo speakers and even a PIR, so the channels can be changed remotely.


Source by Dave Bradley


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