Why not look beautiful when you can? Some people would just chose to live with their problems and not do anything about them. They are either disappointed by the comments that they receive from their surroundings or after trying out a few things they think nothing will ever work for their problems. While there are millions and millions of problems that humans face in this world, skin problems seem to be one of the top most concerns. Having a beautiful skin does not only make you look beautiful but also provides you with the confidence necessary to be something in this world.

If you research online you will find out that many of the people with skin problems have thought of curing their conditions at least once in their lives but most of the treatments that they came to know of were too expensive for them to try. Plastic surgeries are not the answers to all your skin problems. In fact, you do not have to go for plastic surgeries without it has been proved that other minimal and far more affordable methods can not do anything about your condition.

According to many researchers done on mandelic acid and its effects on the skin it has been proved that peels using mandelic acid are good for any skin types. Not only skin types but people coming from any race, background or ethnicity can use it without any hesitation. The big molecules of the acid are great for people with allergy prone skins. When you apply a solution or serum of mandelic acid on your face you are often met with the feeling as though nothing is happening on your face. This is the slow absorption taking place.

The larger molecules of the acid are penetrating slowly into your skin but working perfectly on everything they need to. A ringed phenolic side group in its body might not look something special but it gives this acid some qualities that many other acids might not have. It is soluble in both, water and lipids. However, it will dissolve more quickly in lipids and its solubility in water is partial. However, mixing other acids with its solution can make that process fast as well. Its quality of being soluble in water and lipids makes it a perfect agent for skin.

When it comes into contact with your skin its lipid soluble characteristically allows it to work on the sebaceous glands in your skin. Any oils or excess oils producing on your skin can be kept under check. The water soluble side takes care of your skin cells by penetrating into them. It dissolves the dead cells that have formed a layer on your skin. This layer of dead and dull cells is flushed out by mandelic acid. When you rinse your face with water after the peel you have new skin exposed and the old dull skin has been sloughed.

The anti-bacterial character of the acid allows it to work on acne. Bacteria causing acne on your skin are kept under check due to the anti-bacterial effects of the acid. One of the unique characteristics of mandelic acid is that it is very effective on several conditions. For example, if you have only minor melasma the acid might take months to show signs of improvement and the improvement will be very serious. However, severe melasma shows signs of improvements within the first few applications of. This has been backed by a study too.

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, lentigenes and lesions can also be greatly treated with mandelic acid. Several studies done by doctors have proved that mandelic acid shows great results in treating these conditions. Just 10% of mandelic acid solution, lotion or serum can produce great results within a month when the conditions are severe. Melasma can be epidermal or dermal. Dermal melasma is studied to respond slowly when treated with mandelic acid but epidermal melasma can be treated very quickly with it. Many patients with melasma have been seen responding to peels whereas other topical treatments were not working at all for their conditions.

Antiaging qualities of mandelic acid peels have also been recognized and supported by various studies. Wrinkles and lines that are formed on the skin with time can be greatly enriched with this acid. Furthermore, there are solutions based on gels that not only remove wrinkles, scars and lines from the patient's face but also give a tightening effect to the skin that really makes the patient look young. Several people have actually started blogging about skin and skincare solutions after using mandelic acid and getting impressed by its results.

In short, almost all the different problems that happen to skin due to environment, pollution, age and sun exposure can be taken care of well with mandelic acid peel. The important thing here is to know the right concentration of mandelic acid based on your skin type. It will work for any skin type but skin tolerance is a different thing. Some people can take solutions of 25% mandelic acid but others see quite quick results with just 10% mandelic acid solutions. Beauticians and doctors also mix mandelic acid with many other acids and ingredients to get better and quicker results.


Source by Waqar Hasan


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