You have chosen to lay tiles on your floors. This is a great choice. After all the hard work, you need to remove the dirt and debris from your tile floors. The mortar spots are usually hard to remove using conventional methods. That is why you can read use sand. Sandblasting provides excellent results easily and quickly. All you have to do is learn how to clean tile floors with sand and use the method precisely.

The first thing you need is a sand blasting machine. You can buy it, hire it or borrow it from a friend. You also need fine silica send that is intended for use with such a machine. Make sure you get a product with good abrasive power. You do not need to worry about your tile floors getting scratched.

You need protective equipment as well. Get safety glasses, a mask for your mouth and a work suit. You can use a hat or a helmet to cover your head. Before you begin cleaning the tile floors with sand, cover any objects with plastic sheeting to protect them.

Cleaning tile floors with a sand blaster is extremely easy. You have to fill the tank of the machine with the silica sand. Then, you need to set the pressure. It is best for it to be low initially in order to protect the tile surface from scratching. If deeper cleaning is necessary, then you can increase the pressure.

Start the sand blaster and point the nozzle towards the dirty spot. Keep the nozzle at some distance from the tiles. A single spot is cleaned quite quickly, so you can use use short sweeping blast to remove the dirt.

After you have completed the sand blast cleaning, you can quickly sweep the floor and wash it with warm soapy water. In this way, you will remove any sand particles left on the surface and give it the shine it needs.

This is how to clean tile floors with sand.


Source by Cain Marko


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