About the authorPart of the Stimulus Bill in Congress is dedicated towards Energy. In fact, $ 8.5 billion is earmarked for renewable energy projects. So what is renewable energy? Renewable energy or green energy is electrical power that is produced from clean, renewable energy sources. Renewable energy comes from sources that are less or zero-polluting like wind, solar and water. By utilizing the wind or water to turn turbines, or the sun to heat fuel cells you can produce electricity that is free from the use of fossil fuels. Traditional power sources like coal and natural gas power plants emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and deplete our fossil fuels. Utilizing green energy reduces smog, greenhouse gases and air pollution.

How do you choose Green Energy? Well, if you have a choice in who supplies your electricity, you can choose by switching your Texas electric service to a retail electric provider that offers energy like wind power. If you do not have a choice in electric suppliers you can contact you current electric company and request renewable energy option credits. Most Texas electricity customers now have an option of utilizing a green energy product from their electric supplier or by switching to a provider that has a renewable energy product. In fact, Texas now produces more wind power than any other state and aggressive plans to produce much more in the near future.

One of the most popular green energy options available is Green Mountain Energy (GME). GME is the largest retail provider of less-polluting electricity to residential and commercial customers in the US and they have many plans to choose from. You can choose green energy credits or electricity service options like 100% wind power. Many businesses are also taking notice to their impact on our natural resources. There has been a remarkable movement in the past few years to energy and companies are taking notice to their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. Many companies are using green energy credits, and taking on comprehensive energy efficiency initiatives for their own organization. Hopefully the new Stimulus Bill and its publicity will inject more interested parties to renewable energy. The more people that choose to go green will obviously produce a greater impact and further development of renewable resources.


Source by Jerry Dyess


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