Hiring professional carpet cleaners to do a carpet-cleaning job for you may cost you a lot. That is why it is not surprising news at all, that most people would want to clean their carpets on their own and coming up with carpet cleaning solutions to help them out. There are lots of different ingredients that most people can resort to come up with the best solution for their carpet. Aside from that, the ingredients to these cleaning solutions are often found in your kitchen or anywhere in your house. Here are some cleaning solutions you might want to try when cleaning your own carpet:

  • This was considered as one of the best carpet cleaning solutions that you can come up with. Mix 2 parts of baking powder and 1 part of borax. If baking powder is unavailable, you may use cornstarch instead. Extract the spills using a vacuum or by blotting it with dry towel, before you pour the mixture onto the stain. Once you have used the mixture to the stained area, blot it using clean towel and make sure to avoid rubbing the stain. Remember that rubbing it may only result in more problems, as the stain may spread when you rub it.
  • Mix 1 part of liquid fabric softener, 1 part of non-bleach laundry soap (liquid) and six parts of water. Place the mixture in a plastic spray bottle and use it to spray the stain in your carpet. This can help you eliminate the stain and deodorize your carpet as well.
  • Mix mint essential oil with soap flakes and add it to boiling water. Wait until you come up with a sudsy mixture. However, if you want to have more suds, simply add more snowflakes into the mixture. The soap can help you clean your carpet, while the mint oil can disinfect it. You may choose to add mild fragrance such as vanilla and lavender to get a more pleasant smell around the house.
  • One of the best carpet cleaning solutions for ink stains is to blot the stain using a towel. Make sure that you avoid smearing the ink. Once the ink was blotted, sprinkle cream of tartar into the stain and then add drops of lemon juice to it. Blot it carefully and gently. When the stain is removed, do not forget to vacuum the remaining cream of tartar in your carpet. Another best carpet cleaning solutions would be the use of isopropyl alcohol. Just spray a generous amount of it into the stain and use a clean towel to dab the stain and avoid smearing it.


Source by Thomas Mitel


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