In light of the Japanese Tsunami, I'd like to offer my view on Mother Nature and the recent natural disasters in the world. News reports have shown vivid and graphic scenes of the devastation nature inflicts on the environment. In my region; Asia Pacific, we've witnessed the Queensland floods, the Christchurch earthquake and more recently Japan's Tsunami; all in the space of months.

What is the underlying cause in the wake of these natural disasters? The aim of this article is not to explain why they're occurring. It's to offer a spiritual perspective on our role within the ecosystem of the universe; rather than a scientific one.

Whilst there's a scientific explanation for why natural disasters are occurring in the world, it is also worth considering the spiritual perspective. There are two main reasons for the root cause of these disasters occurring. The first is cyclical change which dictates that everything borne of nature must be destroyed. Our lives are testament to this process. If you also look toward the animal kingdom, you'll also see this reflected in the understanding that 'life eats life.' A lion must kill its prey (a deer) in order to feed itself and its cubs.

Knowing this removes the burden from us to blame something outside of us; thus allowing a greater awareness and understanding of universal laws. To dismiss such occurrences as an act of God punishing us is the furthest thing from the truth. It is akin to suggesting a mother knowingly punish her child due to its disobedient behaviour.

Appreciating nature behaves in a cyclical manner stands to reason that 'life' (life includes all life forms including plants, animals & organisms) must end in order to give way to new life. This is apparent in the crops grown each season and trees bearing fruit. The second reason for natural disasters is mankind and nature having an influence on each other. There are three main ways which affect the relationship between nature and humanity:

A physical level - physically destroying the planet via careless self interest

A psychological level - man's selfishness and collective consciousness

A spiritual level - collective spiritual consciousness of humanity

At present, 15% of the world's population is above the critical level of 200 according to the map of consciousness (refer to link below). That 15% has the weight to counterbalance the negativityof the remaining 85% of the world's people. Were it not for these counterbalances, mankind would self-destruct out of the sheer mass of negativity.

Be the Change

It is important for one's self interest and mankind's that we undertake personal and spiritual growth on a daily basis. When I hear people say, "the world is a crazy place and feel they are powerless to make a change", I encouraging them to be the change they wish to see in the world. We all have the ability to impact and influence one another.

Given the predominant cause of natural disasters is mankind's self inflicted selfishness; it stands to reason we have the power to counterbalance this through our thoughts, words and deeds. It is vital in order to save the planet, that we invite peaceful and loving thoughts toward one another and the environment; more so now than ever before in human history.

We must take ownership of the way we treat mother earth NOW. The message to industry as well as individuals is to become conscious of your thoughts and actions toward pollution and further environmental destruction. Nature possesses a spiritual energy. Shaman's understood and worked with this spiritual energy by evoking goodness on earth in ancient times. They summoned Gods in rituals to cleanse the earth of man's selfishness and misuse of nature. The indigenous Aboriginals of Australia treated and respected the land much the same manner. It wasn't until white man colonised the land that environmental destruction began.

Our human physiology needs contact with the earth's field in order to normalise itself. We are a part of this vast cosmos. We are not separate as many would like to believe. The earth is not only our temporary home, housing our physical bodies until we die. Such false belief suggesting "I don't have to do my part, since the next generation will worry about it" is part of this low collective consciousness.

Every action toward environmental consciousness is a move forward toward our own health consciousness. In raising our vibration toward Mother Nature and the environment, we serve ourselves and the collective consciousness of humanity.

Realise that we are "one" as people. There is no perceived separation. Your thoughts affect and influence me. How can they not? Try being around a negative person and note if that has an impact on your wellbeing. Consequently, surround yourself with uplifting, positive people and watch your spirit rise to meet their vibratory level. It's the laws of quantum physics.

When you practice compassion toward Mother Nature, you're practising compassion toward life itself. This is the true meaning of being in spiritual service. Being mindful of your actions and conscious of your intentions is part of your spiritual growth.

Care for the environment as you would tend to your own body. Do not dismiss it as someone else's problem. As long as you live on this earth, you are a part of the ecosystem of the planet. You have a moral duty to yourself and others to be responsible in the way you treat mother earth.

We can change the future for you and your children if we begin now and in earnest. Make it your resolution to become thoughtful in how you treat nature. Communing with nature is a vital aspect of this resolution. Spending time at the beach or in a park connects you to the same spiritual energy which is a part of your being. Let's begin cleansing Mother Nature of our toxic beliefs and attitudes before it's too late.

Source by Tony Fahkry


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