Global warming is a serious condition that affects our planet. The only way that we can put a stop to global warming is to fully understand all of the human causes of global warming. There are also natural ways that eart warming occurs, so it cannot all be completely blamed on humans. It is not very likely that people can put an end to the natural things that contribute to this warming.

Although, we can make a huge difference by stopping activities that make global warming happen faster and to a larger extent than the natural causes. We can all make a few simple changes to our normal activities and have a huge impact on the future of the planet.

Humans Cause Global Warming in Various Ways

Can you count just how many products are created from nylon all over the world? When nylon is made there is a chemical called nitrous oxide used that really hurts the planet. When this substance is released into the atmosphere the rays from the sun kick start a reaction. This is one human cause of global warming, when we release chemicals into the air that interact with the sun to create the greenhouse effect, which is the biggest thing behind planet warming.

Humans cause global warming to occur just by simply being alive. We humans breathe they release carbon dioxide. The planet gets warmer and warmer as the carbon dioxide collects, causing it to be one of the worst chemicals for the health of the planet. This is not something that happens overnight but slowly over a large amount of time. This problem is not one that we can really put an end to.

Consider all of the different ways in which we use coal. Some people still rely on coal for heat and to power many factories. Most of the time people still use coal because other fossil fuels tend to be more expensive. The unfortunate downfall of using coal is that it releases a great deal of toxins into our environment. This is the number one way that planet warming is caused by carbon dioxide. People and businesses that do not want to stop using coal are trying to find better ways to use coal. At this time every time coal is used it contributes to the planet becoming warmer.

As more and more people populate the earth each year the number of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane that is released into the environment grows. Planet warming gets increasingly worse as more and more people fill the Earth. People can easily make changes and cut back on earth warming, and all they really need is to fully understand what things they do cause it.


Source by Rolf Joho


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