Protecting your lawn and garden investment is important for many reasons. If you are like most homeowners, you have put a lot of time and money into the area surrounding your home. In fact, creating a nice landscaped yard can get quite expensive by the time you purchase the plants and fertilizers needed to keep the plants healthy. The price of nursery plants continues to rise as to the cost of fertilizers and pesticides.

The money you put into your yard and gardens is as much of an investment as the money used to purchase the house you live in. But when you live in a country like Australia, there is a complication when it comes to protecting your outdoor investment. There is a water shortage that is getting worse all the time.

As consumers, we have a duty to care about the preservation of natural resources. As homeowners, we need to maintain our property to protect the investment of time and money. Blending the two goals together may seem difficult, but products such as the underground water tank addresses both issues at the same time.

Your Water Carbon Footprint

The impact you have on natural resources is called your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint looks at your habits which involve the use of natural resources and measures how efficiently you use those resources. In Australia, we have to address the water carbon footprint, because water is a dwindling natural resource.

The hot and dry climate which typifies Australia is getting worse because of drought conditions. Maintaining your lawn and garden investment must be balanced against your water carbon footprint. The question becomes one of how to keep your outdoor area healthy while minimizing water consumption.

The answer to the question can be found in underground concrete water storage tanks. You can bury the tank so you maintain the aesthetics of your property and then hook the tank to a gutter and downspout system on your house. When one of the periodic torrential rains occur, the water is collected from the roof runoff in the tank where it remains stored for later use.

When your lawn or garden needs watering, you can then use a pump which directs the water to a sprinkler or irrigation system. You reduce your water carbon footprint by using untreated natural rainwater while also keeping your lawn and garden investment safe.

Multiple Approaches

You can lower your water carbon footprint by approaching the problem of water conservation from multiple directions. First, you should install an underground rainwater tank for water collection. But you should also develop a low water usage lawn and garden arrangement. A water efficient landscape will help you insure you have enough collected water to protect your investment in your outdoor plantings.

The days of availability of unlimited water are over. Every Australian has an obligation as a concerned citizen and a member of the human race to do everything possible to conserve water. You get the benefit of insuring there is enough drinking water available while also keeping your investment of time and money in your yard and gardens safe.


Source by Philip Kilworth


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