Regular exercise makes you look better and feel better. It is that simple. Movement is a sign of life. Stagnation is a sign of something you might contemplate while passing a cemetery. If you want to feel radiantly alive in mind and body, get off the couch and begin to move. Regular exercise, no more complicated than walking, can restore health to all your muscles, bones, glands, organs and cells. Inactivity is one of the major causes of disease but activity is life.

Action is one of the laws of our being. Why not resolve right now to take charge of your health and your life? You owe it to yourself and you are worth the effort. If you do not believe so, read and meditate on the Eighth Psalm. It is one of the most beautiful in the entire Books of Psalms.When weather permits, walk out of doors, by the beach, the ocean, the lake, or in a park away from pollution, noise and commercial distractions. Window shopping is not exercising. In foul or inclement weather it might be necessary to walk through a large mall or around an indoor track, but always remember that exercise in the open air is essential.

As often as you can, head for the sea, the mountains, or the lakes and get moving. You will add years to your life and will be aiding in the battle to prevent disease, atrophy and disintegration.

Exercise in the open air is just as important for those who are well as for those who are ill. Impurities are expelled from the skin and lungs when circulation has been quickened by vigorous exercise.

The great British physician, Dr. Edward Johnson of London, writing as far back as the nineteenth century, maintained that the lungs and skin were the most important organs appointed to expel waste matter from our systems. Vigorous exercise can result in the expulsion of up to two pounds of useless waste matter per day. Yet the sad truth is that these two bodily organs remain comparatively idle in most people. Man, who was created in the image of God is today a poor physical specimen for the most part.

Oh, we have great athletes with amazing physiques and skills, but take a look around the next time you pass a donut shop or get caught on the cookie isle in the grocery store. We now live in a society where hundreds of thousands of people are too fat to fly on a commercial airplane.

Regular vigorous walking is the best solution for diseased bodies. It increases the peristaltic action of the intestinal tract. The motions of walking cause all of the internal and digestive organs to swing, stimulating their function.

You might experience some pain in your muscles because they are being reinvigorated after long disuse. Nature will bring them back to life. There are today many good exercises known to produce satisfactory results if performed properly and regularly. Yet for most people, walking is best. When one begins to walk, sickness begins to go. There is no good reason why man, with his superior intelligence, should be at the low end of the scale of creatures in the matter of strength, health, and well being. So put on some comfortable clothes, lace up those good walking shoes and get moving.


Source by Zane Madison


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