Natural disasters are bad enough. They can come out of the blue unexpectedly and create pain and havoc in our lives. But it seems that every time that we turn around there are man-made disasters that are happening to!

Riots, strikes, and criminals are common place. Then there is the threats of pandemics, EMP's, and financial collapse. In a time when it seems that there are too many potential problems to list, any prudent person needs to consider preparing.

Prepping is a term that is becoming more common as people are becoming increasingly concerned about providing for the safety of their family. It involves thinking ahead and taking the steps that will make it possible for you and your family to survive a variety of potential disasters.

The first step involves deciding what disasters might be possible in your area and then deciding what steps are prudent and possible to take. All areas are not prone to snow storms, earthquakes, or floods. Larger urban areas would be more dangerous than smaller areas in case of a pandemic or financial collapse.

You rarely hear about riots in small towns. In smaller towns people tend to know each other and support each other more than in large cities where you can live next to someone for a long time and still not know them. In case of a disaster the people that are around you could even become part of the danger.

If there is a food shortage most people have enough in their kitchen for just a few days at most. We are all used to having nearby grocery stores and 7-11's that we can stop by to pick up the daily supplies that we need. But what is going to happen if the stores can't get supplies? People are going to become hungry very fast and may quickly become desperate.

This means that when you start prepping yourself and your family you need to think about things like the security of your shelter. If you have food and water and no one around you does it is possible that they are going to be desperate enough to try and take them away from you.

You will need to have a way to store the food, water and other supplies that you might need in a disaster. Those supplies will need to stable enough that they can be stored for extended periods of time and still be there when you need to feed your family. You may not have electricity to cook with or to refrigerate perishables. Then you need to have clean water stored or have a way to purify water so it will be safe for you and your family to drink.


Source by Bob Current


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