We often hear form our politicians and lobbyists that the world is facing many problems like war, global warming, human trafficking and poverty. While eating our upsized meal from our favorite fast food, have we thought that the world is also suffering from obesity? All across the globe, obesity is now one of the major social problems with kids as early as five diagnosed as obese. With new inventions like automobiles, appliances and even the internet, man's physical activities were lessened. Children nowadays do not play in the nearby park but rather prefer to play online games all day.

But man cannot hide from reality and from his society forever. We have to move and blend in with the modern world once we become adults. Losing weight is a crusade for many people, especially those who are already obese from their younger years. There are many ways and kinds of exercises that promise weight loss. All of these exercises promise to deliver good results within a short duration of practicing the said exercise program. One the well-known exercise is the Pilates and this article will show you how you can achieve weight loss with Pilates.

Pilates was developed and was named after by Joseph "Joe" Pilates in the early part of the 20th century. Pilates' main characteristic is its slow-controlled movement and demands focus and precision from its practitioners. The routine requires proper body alignment especially the spine and controlled breathing. Pilates can improve your posture, digestion, mood, energy level and even help you loose weight in the process. Many Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes practices weight loss with Pilates.

However, to achieve weight loss with Pilates, it has to be mixed with a cardio exercise like walking, swimming, jogging or aerobics. Pilates exercise is a resistance regimen and too loose and strengthen one's body for training, cardio exercise should be included in your exercise program.

How to achieve weight loss with Pilates?

Through controlled movements, your muscles are toned especially in your mid section. Pilates can also speed up your metabolism thus your body automatically burns calories in your body faster. Pilates exercise promises to give a lean and well toned body. Weight loss with Pilates can only be achieved if you follow the routine precisely, have cardiovascular exercise and most of all, eat healthy foods.

The greatest thing about Pilates is that everyone can loose weight. We all have different body types. People who have a short stature have more difficulty in losing weight with the traditional exercises. But with Pilates, they have achieved slimmer and more toned body.

I remember witnessing a short woman's journey in weight loss with Pilates. She and I have been going to the same Pilates gym class together. After several months, I noticed a big difference in her figure. She also told us that Pilates has changed her life because the guy she was crushing on for a long, long time has finally asked her out on a date. A week ago, she announced that she's getting married in the fall.

I'm so glad that finally an exercise can really achieve weight loss for everyone. The key component of every weight loss is having the determination to continue what you have started.


Source by Staffan Moritz


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