The Acai Berry is a dark fruit hailing from the Amazon Rain Forest. It is a high energy fruit (it has a lot of healthy fats), which also contains many helpful antioxidants. Additionally, it contains amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamin A; as well as aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

Acai Berries are said to increase your overall health and balance out your pH level, which is important to preventing disease and infections. They also provide you with more energy and better digestion due to the natural fiber and monosaturated fats.

The Acai Berry is not a cure-all. On its own, it will most likely only provide some minor effects, such as being an appetite suppressant. You would experience better results using Acai, in its capsule, pill, or supplement form, as a component in a more holistic approach to weight loss or general health.

Incorporating healthy, detoxifying foods such as the Acai berries into an overall diet, coupled with exercise, will certainly give you positive results. The price of Acai will depend on the product which you buy, but they are typically on the more expensive end. Still, it is worth checking out the health benefits of this exotic fruit for a more natural approach to weight loss. As with any weight loss plan, exercise is still an important part.

One thing worth mentioning when discussing Acai Berry weight loss are the numerous scams that are out there. There are companies that will say they are offering you a free trial of their product, and then charge your credit card. It is important to read the fine print and read reviews of the product/company you are buying from before ordering.


Source by John A. Drake


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