If you own a property, it is important for you to secure your home or building from any type of natural disasters. True, cataclysmic events such as fire flood earth, tornado, hurricane or other types of natural calamities may have a fat chance of coming to you. But many people disregarded the damages it can inflict to their property until it hits them. The worst thing is not being prepared for any natural disasters. Its effects to you and your property are irreversible and it will take time before you can completely recover from it except on the condition that there is excellent preparation. No one wants to deal with these catastrophes unprepared. The best way to deal with a natural disaster is to properly prepare for it. Being ready for the potential of natural calamity is a responsible step to pursue.

Each type of disaster requires certain preparation. Find out what most possible type of calamity can hit your place. This will give you idea of ​​the kind of preparation you need to make. If you are new in the area, you may ask people around the neighborhood. Having enough information is important to what kind of preparations to pursue.

Earthquake is one of the common natural disasters you should prepare for. It can be harmless or devastating depending on its intensity. When the intensity is powerful, it can cause tremendous damage to all properties, which is why you need to be ready for it. Think of all the fragile home accessories that can cause harm when an earthquake occurs. These items can be vases, figurines, china and other small valuable items in shelves. Also, there are heavy home accessories or items you hang on the wall that can cause harm when it falls down on someone. To prevent these items from causing injury, fasten these small and heavy home accessories with putty. This also works for light crystal ceramics. You may also install latches on cabinet doors, use bolts or L-bracket to make safe bookcases, cabinets and other tall furnishings to wall studs. Use water heater strap to fasten your water heater to a wall stud.

For fires, install easy-to-handle fire extinguisher in areas where a fire might ignite like the kitchen. Place smoke detectors as well. To keep fireplace embers inside, use a fireplace screen and set up spark arrestor in your chimney.

Furthermore, you should be prepared to deal with extreme weather conditions. For extreme heat or cold, your property should be properly insulated. Make sure that there are no defects or damages at home as small cracks can cause inconvenience. When you discover damages at home, fix it right away. For extreme wind and rain, install weather stripping on and around your doors and windows to block water from getting in the property. You can enhance the protection of your home by installing storm door and hurricane-rated door for your garage door. You should also be ready to deal with floods. Protect your walls from absorbing water with waterproof compound.

Although natural calamities are not likely to hit, it is important not to ignore what it can do to your property. When you get the right information and make the necessary steps to secure your home, you can stand the test of any natural disasters that comes your way.


Source by Alvin Clavines


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