Many Noni Juice users want to know the answer to the question "What is proxeronine?" There is no easy answer to this question. However, most researchers suggest that proxeronine is responsible for many of the benefits one experiences from Noni Juice.

History Of Proxeronine

Dr. Ralph Heinicke spent the nineteen eighties studying pineapple for the Dole Fruit Company. He was attempting to review medical uses for a chemical called Bromelain. While he never did find medical uses for that chemical, during the course of his research, he discovered an enzyme he called proxeronine that he found to be responsible for all of the health benefits of the product. Eventually, he found a much greater source of proxeronine - Noni fruit.

According to Heinicke's research, proxeronine is an immensely helpful compound to the body. It is important to note that every single human on the planet needs xeronine to survive. This chemical can help cells to make energy and send messages back and forth between cells. This helps cells to grow and renew at a regular rate, promoting overall body health. If you don't have enough of it in your body, you will suffer illnesses that last longer. Moreover, injuries of any type to your body will have a much longer duration because your cells are slower to heal. Many studies have shown that the supply of xeronine in our environment is rapidly decreasing. Many things are causing this decrease, including the complete pollution of our environment and water supply. The decrease, though, is slowly causing each of our bodies to be less effective.

As a result of the decreasing supply of xeronine, taking a supplemental form is essential to good health. Proxeronine, found prominently in Noni fruit or morinda citrifolia, creates xeronine once it is processed within the body's intestines. Studies show that adding Noni Juice to your diet on a regular basis can seirously increase the supply of proxeronine, and therefore xeronine, in your body. This can lead to an improvement in existing health conditions. It can even help you to prevent many of the serious health conditions people suffer today like cancer.


Source by Steve Mathews


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