Makeup sponges are also known as cosmetic sponges. The cosmetic sponges are used for applying as well as removing makeup, cleansing or moisturizing. The makeup sponges come in varying types and can be bought at local stores as well as in departmental stores. Makeup sponges, depending upon the purpose, can come in varying shapes such as round puffs, wedge shapes, rough or smooth surfaced, porous or dense surface and other textures and shapes as per the need of the users.

As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to be careful while selecting the sponge's texture. In case of any liquid application, smooth, triangular or semi-dense sponge wedges are best used. The sponges that have larger pores, would not be a perfect choice for liquid applications as it would absorb too much liquid. Smaller wedges that have fine edges will prove useful for blending the smaller areas. The sponges with crafted edge are used to bring subtle adjustments to the eye makeup without bothering the whole area. This type is also perfect for managing lipstick smudges.

There are rough and porous makeup sponges which are the choicest options for removing makeup. These are highly absorbent and the rough texture helps remove the makeup embedded within the skin pores, thus ensuring maximum freshness. Also known as cellulose makeup sponge, these help the cleanser to cling to itself during the makeup removal procedure and its high porosity enables the water or the cleanser to get equally distributed throughout and blend together.

There are different kinds of cosmetic sponges and most of them demand similar maintenance. The sponges should be properly washed with hand soaps, after use. These also need to be dried completely before second time use. As soon as the sponge starts crumbling from the edges, seems to have lost their original shape, emits odd smell, you need to replace it with a new one.

Some Useful Tips -

There are certain things that you need to know about Cosmetic Sponges and here few of those are highlighted below -

• Latex sponges can cause adverse reaction on the users' skins.

• In case of applying foundation over the larger sections of the face, the texture of sea sponges is better. The sea sponges are somewhat expensive, but the silkiness is worth the amount.

• The tiny triangular sponges works great when it comes to applying foundation around the nose. You need to replace it as soon as the point starts crumbling.

Cosmetic sponges are good absorbents. So, you must be ready to sacrifice small amount of foundation in sponge every time you are applying it. The sponges can be cleaned by normal hand-soaps to make keep the bacterium away, but it is always smart and hygienic to replace the sponges frequently.


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