Parents always want the best for their children. By using eco-friendly baby products, you are doing your part for the planet while being the best parent to your child. Following are the top five eco-friendly products for the best care of your baby.

100% Organic Cotton Diapers

Disposable diapers fill our landfills and are harmful to the environment. Not only is organic cotton soft and absorbent, it is grown and processed without toxic and harmful chemicals. Since the U.S. has many various requirements for 'organic' labeling, make sure you look for only 100% organic cotton diapers. In fact you don't have to stop at just diapers. You can buy all 100% organic cotton clothing for your new bundle of joy. And to top it off don't forget to wash your babies organic outfits in eco-friendly "green" laundry detergent.

Organic Baby Food

What better to mess up all those organic cotton clothes than organic baby food? Most major brands of baby food, like Gerber's and Beech Nut, now carry organic lines. Just read the lables carefully to be sure the ingredients are 100% organic according to the USDA. Or better yet, you can make your own organic baby food with fresh produce you buy at the grocery store or farmer's market.

BPA Free Pacifiers

Pacifiers containing BPA (Bisphenol A) in the nipples pose a hazard to your child. The nipples can harden, crack and small bits can become ingested by your child. Fortunately eco-friendly companies concerned by this have created BPA-Free pacifiers. You can usually find them at places like Babies R Us and also online at a number of websites catering to all natural organic baby products. A quick search online should point your in the right direction.

All Natural Rattles

Infants gain control of their hands long before anything else and the first thing they usually reach for is a rattle or teething ring. Several toy companies specialize in all natural infant toys. These days are generally made with bamboo and other "green" materials.

Bamboo One Piece Bodysuits

Unfortunately when most people think of bamboo they think of the strong, hard sturdy wood used for building. However, if processed correctly, bamboo can be made into one of the softest and most comfortable cloth ever. Frequently the bamboo will be combines with cotton but in either case, the end result is warm, germ-resistant (a natural property of bamboo) and very easy to keep clean. Search online for the best places to find Bamboo Baby Clothing.

I can't imagine a better win-win situation. Protecting and caring for your precious baby while also protecting and caring for your precious planet. Both are one of a kind you know.


Source by Jennifer Carpenter


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